Zillow resumes buying homes in 5 more US markets

After the company’s initial homebuying pause, Zillow is now buying homes in 20 of 24 Zillow Offers markets.

Redfin returns to homebuying in 4 more markets

The company is now buying homes in Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Orange County, in addition to Austin, Denver and the Inland Empire in California.

This analyst thinks Zillow will capitalize on real estate ‘shockwave’

Loup Ventures Managing Partner Gene Munster believes as people continue to move from urban areas to suburbs, Zillow will benefit from increased engagement.

The line between iBuyer and brokerage is blurring

Opendoor and Offerpad will now list homes directly, alongside their core instant-offer businesses, underlining the growing convergence of iBuyers and the traditional industry. Ultimately, this new service, still in the early stages, represents a way fo…

Zillow is buying homes again in 6 more cities

The iBuyer platform is buying homes again in Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, San Diego and Sacramento.

Opendoor returns to homebuying in 5 more cities

The iBuyer is offering homeowners contact-free selling in Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta, as well as Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and Tucson, Arizona.

First Offerpad wanted to buy your home. Now it wants to list your home

Consumers can now choose a direct, quick-close sale or a more traditional listing process. The move may raise the ire of real estate agents.

Zillow returns to homebuying in 5 more markets

The company resumed buying homes through Zillow Offers last week following a nearly two-month pause due to COVID-19.

Former surgeon general tapped to help Zillow safely buy homes again

The company is bringing on Regina Benjamin, the former U.S. surgeon general, to consult on and develop new safety protocols as it returns to iBuying.

Is Zillow eyeing acquisitions with a new round of capital?

The company announced Tuesday it’s seeking to raise $1 billion through stock and senior note offerings.