Are Buyers Stretched Too Thin?

With a nationwide inventory shortage, home prices are spiking, spurring bidding wars in tough-to-negotiate sellers’ markets—and yet, these conditions are not dissuading buyers from throwing their hat in the ring, even if that means stretching themselves thin to reach that homeownership goal. According to a CoreLogic study completed for The Wall Street Journal, around one […]

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WalletHub: 10 Best Housing Markets

What makes for an attractive housing market? Analysts at WalletHub recently identified several indicators of desirability, using a 100-point scoring system in 300 markets to rank the top 10 in the nation: Frisco, Texas McKinney, Texas Allen, Texas Cary, N.C. Richardson, Texas Seattle, Wash. Bellevue, Wash. Carrollton, Texas Nashville, Tenn. Denver, Colo. The indicators applied […]

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Labor Day deals: 20 real estate closing gifts you won’t want to miss

What’s more stressful than buying the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day? Buying a closing gift for a client! …

Texas leads the way in WalletHub’s best real estate markets list

Beyond country music, world-famous barbecue and one-of-a-kind hospitality, you’ll find the nation’s best real estate markets in Texas — the cities of Frisco, McKinney and Allen took the top three spots WalletHub’s 2017 list …

The Best Cities for Retirees to Call Home

Ask any retiree what mattered most in their search for a new home, and most will tell you location. A recent study by WalletHub ranked the top locations for soon-to-be retirees, weighing cost of living, health care, quality of life and recreation—and in a not-so-unexpected twist, the top three locations in the ranking were all […]

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Homeownership in states with the most and least student debt

As of 2016, 71 percent of non-homeowners believe student loans are hindering their ability to buy, and more than half of those borrowers believe student loan debt will keep them from buying a home for at least another five years …

5 of the Best Cities to Flip Houses In

Flipping a house can be a profitable endeavor—especially in cities where flips thrive. The best cities, according to recently released findings from a study by WalletHub, boast a combination of a desirable quality of life, cost-effective renovation expenses and prime market potential. The following cities, based on those criteria, are best for flips: El Paso, […]

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The Best Cities for First-Time Homebuyers

Affordability is at the forefront of the minds of first-time homebuyers, who are contending with climbing prices and fierce competition. There are other considerations, however, that are important for first-time buyers, as well: cost of living, property crime rate, and utility costs, to name a few. A recent assessment by WalletHub weighed these and other […]

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Where can first-time homebuyers catch a break?

Although buyers at all levels are having a difficult time navigating affordability issues, first-time buyers seem to be hit the hardest. According to a recent study by Trulia Chief Economist Ralph McLaughlin, newbie homeowners are spending more than 40…

How ‘Free’ Is Your State?

How “free” is your state? A recent study conducted by WalletHub identifies the most and least “independent” states based on health- and wealth-related dependencies in five categories: “consumer finances,” such as credit scores and emergency savings; “government,” or federal funding; “international trade,” such as jobs supported by exported goods; “job market,” such as employer-offered retirement […]

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