Luxury listings will now follow you around the web

The new product will allow brokerage and luxury listing platform Luxury Portfolio International to deliver targeted ads from the 50,000 properties it markets across the web. After someone views a property on Luxury Portfolio’s website, they’ll start seeing banner ads for that same property following them as they visit other unrelated websites.

Affluent buyers outnumber sellers

Nearly 40 percent of high-net-worth individuals are ready to buy in the next three years while 23 percent are looking to sell, according to a new report.

How to forge and maintain those lucrative luxury client connections

Extraordinary customer service and high-touch relationships can lead to a lifetime of lucrative sales and ongoing luxury client referrals.

Inside Trump’s historic $95M mansion deal, 10 years later

In interviews with Florida real estate professionals, including at least one involved in the 2008 sale, agents characterized Trump’s blockbuster deal as simply par for the course in the years leading up to the financial collapse, when appreciation rates climbed at a historic clip and the housing market in Palm Beach and elsewhere in South Florida was like the Wild West …

What does the next generation of luxury homebuyers want?

Luxury Portfolio International has identified an emerging group of affluent homebuyers who, it believes, will be “powering” the luxury real estate industry in the next three years, it finds in its 2018 report: “The Rise of the New Aristocracy.” …

How successful teams are changing real estate

SAN FRANCISCO — Walk into a doctor’s office. You see a receptionist; an assistant checks your blood pressure; the doctor comes in for 10 minutes and refers you to an internist to check on that weird pain in your stomach …