‘Disenchanted, shocked’ agents leave Pacific Union after Compass acquisition

They were part of Pacific Union International when Compass announced its acquisition of the brokerage in August (the transaction was completed in late September), but quickly decided it wasn’t the right fit, and left last week, in late November. 

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How much did Compass pay for Pacific Union International?

There’s been a lot speculation about how much Compass paid for Pacific Union International, but following an earnings call last week, we have some answers.

Indie brokerages face a ‘very, very difficult time’

Nick Segal, president of Pacific Union International Southern California, discusses why his company sold to Compass, how the integration is going and his new self-help book “On Your Terms.”

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Two San Francisco indie giants are joining forces in an effort to double market share and fend-off the likes of Compass.

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Mark McLaughlin lusts for opportunity. The Compass deal, the biggest in real estate this year, is consistent with the Pacific Union CEO’s singular vision.

Pacific Union’s acquisition announcement met with shock, tears and a cocktail party

Even as cocktails were being poured, a source claimed there were tears in the Paragon Real Estate Group office from agents who felt blindsided by the news.

LISTEN: Pacific Union employees learn about Compass acquisition

Pacific Union International President Patrick Barber says Compass deal will ensure livelihoods, declaring, “We are the ones doing the disrupting.”

Turf war between Compass and Pacific Union shifts to commercial

Two of the Bay Area’s largest residential brokerages are about to expand their residential turf war into the commercial market.