Smart-home tech for agents: Aeotec Sensors

In this weekly column, hosts Brandon Doyle and Colton Pratt walk through smart-home products and showcase their capabilities while reviewing pros and cons. Tune in, so that when your clients ask, you’ll be the expert. This week, Aeotec Sensors.

How to modernize the MLS

New companies are using a combination of money, technology and data to deliver consumers an experience that is efficient, certain and convenient. And the clash between old and new is creating tribalism amongst players vying for the top of the heap. Not…

Jumping ship for a startup brokerage? Do your homework first!

Startups look promising on the outside, but they can’t always live up to the hype, says Tammy Britt. The longtime D.C.-area agent shares her experience with a startup after 16 years as a top performer with some of the biggest names in the real estate b…

Is practicing real estate bad for your kids?

Between a column in “The New York Times” and a Facebook post, I can’t help but wonder how healthy the job of buying and selling real estate is for our kids. How are our children influenced by our career choices, our screen time and our stress levels? And what can we do about it?

Opendoor needs agents more than agents need Opendoor

Opendoor’s latest proptech partnership demonstrates another nail in the coffin of traditional agency. With every iBuyer offer that gets invited into a listing presentation via CloudCMA, the industry collectively sacrifices a little bit more of its soul.

When is the best time to buy a house?

Even when looking at hard data, you’ll realize there are a million different rationales you can use to convince clients on timing, but it really depends on their circumstances.

Why your script just flopped

If you want to be better at overcoming objections and closing more deals, follow the tried-and-true principles here to avoid having your scripts flop.

Lead-generation game changer: How 60-second Instagram videos have transformed my business

What’s the best way to look for new lead-generation strategies? Discovering what others are doing that’s working well. In this recurring column on Inman, agents and brokers share what they’re doing to change up their lead-gen strategies. Find out how Melissa Gomez is connecting with clients via short vlogs leveraged on Instagram and YouTube.

Stop chasing better splits! It’s your net that truly matters

I heard a long time ago from one of my first mentors that you can feed your ego or you can feed your family — pick one. So what does “net” actually mean? Here are five ways your net is more impactful than a higher split.

The Real Word: Is it fair to say iBuyers are untested?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, Byron and Nicole talk through a column by Brad Inman and debate whether iBuyers are untested.