Looking for listings? Here’s how to find, sign and turn unlisted properties

When listings are scarce, one-party listings can be a powerful tool to locate properties that are not currently listed but whose owners might be willing to sell if they receive the right offer. Here’s a solid strategy to turn unlisted properties into done deals.

How to find a profitable urban real estate investment

In the quest to establish a robust real estate investment portfolio, big cities are ripe with opportunity — and with risk. Consider these five factors to help you assess the viability of any urban investment property.

Grow or die! 3 tips for moving your business forward

You have to choose to focus, you have to choose to take action, you have to choose to grow, or you will die. Whatever you want in life is achievable. Here are three ways you can decide to grow.

What do you truly want from real estate?

Are you working for money, or is money working for you? In life, our next step is often to chase something bigger and better than what we currently have, and this is exacerbated in real estate. Here’s how to find what we’re all really looking for.

The Real Word: The downfall of Purplebricks US

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, Purplebricks is officially pulling out of the U.S. market.

Feeling hot hot hot! Why summer is the time to make your listings sizzle

The feel-good effects of summer put consumers in a good mood. The combination of that and longer days sets the stage for an ideal time to market your listings. Here’s where you should focus your efforts.

Keeping It Real: Don’t get stuck on decision-making

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring series on Inman, Peter Lorimer discusses how indecision can immobilize your business and how to avoid it. 

Indie vs. franchise: Which brokerage is best for you?

In the age-old debate of franchise versus indie, the answer lies in vision, priorities and values. Regular contributor Troy Palmquist breaks down the pros and cons of each.

7 mistakes your sellers should avoid at all costs

With the ultimate goal of trying to net as much money after the sale as possible, sellers can actually cost themselves more money while trying to save it. Here are seven costly mistakes sellers make.

Why IDX is still a valid part of your lead generation strategy

Last week, “Agents, it’s time to forget IDX as part of your lead generation strategy” was reposted here on Inman News. Although there were some undeniable truths, to proclaim an IDX site as “antiquated,” that “the big players” have won, “you simply can’t compete,” and you should “give up” is a fallacy. Here’s why.