6 reasons your investor clients don’t need a home warranty

Rental property owners often believe that having a home warranty for their rental properties is a smart idea, but that seemingly commonsensical notion is a waste of time and money. Real estate agents should never encourage their investor clients to purchase a home warranty — and here’s why.

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Why we need to take agent safety seriously

Regular Inman contributor Jay Thompson talks through a variety of crimes on real estate agents and why we can’t wait for the next one to change what we’re doing.

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With discount brokerages and iBuyers on the rise, Realtors are confronted with new challenges, including fierce competition with cheaper options. Here are three techniques to incorporate into your strategy when sellers bring up the topic of discount br…

Dear Marketing Mastermind: As prices soften, how can I make my listings stand out?

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A top-producer’s 5 simple rules for social media

Agents who implement a concise strategy differentiate themselves, attract more clients and build a revenue-generating brand. Here are some of the social media rules that I follow daily.

How MLS of Choice is affecting your real estate team

When MLS of Choice took effect last July, it meant real estate agents were free to opt out of their brokerage’s MLS. But the same freedom isn’t allotted for members of every agent team. Find out how teams are affected and what solutions are available t…

Here’s what agents around the world care about most: helping people

Regular contributor Jay Thompson, reporting from a Portugal real estate conference, discusses why people helping people is the crux of real estate, no matter what country you’re in.