Can views sell this $3.249M home on John Barrymore’s old Hollywood estate?

It sits on property that once belonged to John Barrymore, an early 20th century movie star and grandfather to actress Drew Barrymore.

How to sell a spectacular $159M Florida estate that’s gone on and off market

The 58,000-square-foot home known as Playa Vista Isle, located on Florida’s Gold Coast between Miami and Fort Lauderdale and embellished with over 500,000 22-karat gold leaf sheets, will be available to prospective buyers on the Concierge Auctions platform on Nov. 12 at a $159 million starting price. 

Defining the Levels of Luxury—and How Agents Can Exceed Expectations at the High-End

From decor and design to dollars spent, homebuyers in the high-end market are unique, driven by a firm link between their portfolio of property and wealth. What characteristics define high-net worth individuals today? According to Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and WealthEngine, a luxury market researcher, the delineation between demi-billionaires, or those with a more than […]

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What today’s ultra-luxury buyers want might surprise you

There’s a tectonic shift taking place in the ultra-luxury market that may leave many of today’s mega-mansions languishing on the market. In fact, the very amenities that many people have valued in the past, may make their property worth less, rather than more.

Sotheby’s International Realty adds 7th affiliate company in North Carolina

Competition in the Carolinas is heating up: Sotheby’s International Realty announced Monday the launch of Pine Sotheby’s International Realty, an independently owned and operated team of four agents that serves North Carolina’s Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Whispering Pines, Carthage, Aberdeen and Seven Lakes regions.

How to elevate your luxury brand by being a ‘concierge agent’

The term “concierge agent” might be new to some, but it’s what those of us who care, who are available and who are present have always been. We are all-hands-on-deck Realtors who are always available to our clients. Here’s how you can become one too.

How to be on point with your luxury client experience

The key to giving luxury clientele what they want is knowing what they are looking for in a real estate agent as well as getting ahead of their expectations. Here’s what you should know.

Who is your luxury client? Understanding varying wealth levels

Do you know how an ultra-wealthy resident of “Richistan” differs from a “Millionaire Next Door”? Understanding the psychology of each group is the key to attracting and keeping ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Understanding what international luxury homebuyers want

Knowing the cultural buying codes for various countries is an absolute must for every agent who serves the ultra-luxury market. Here are the buying codes for five different cultures.

How to make social media work for you in luxury real estate

For some real estate agents, finding luxury listings seems like a mythical quest that is only granted to the rich and famous, but it’s not. Find out what works, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, here.