Almost 5 years later, Studeo still tells great listing stories

Studeo makes listing presentations, homes for sale, agents, teams, brokerages — or whatever you want to market about your business — not just standout from the crowd, but also rise well above it.

How to Make Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

The process of selling a luxury home is simply different. There are fewer buyers, so naturally, agents need to not only create the “wow” factor, but also implement marketing strategies that capture the attention of other agents and potential buyers. Here are some suggestions when building a strategy to enthrall your potential audience. Keep Up-to-Date […]

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Chicago top producer Michael LaFido demystifies luxury real estate

What does it take to sell multimillion dollar luxury homes and work with luxury clients such as pro athletes, entrepreneurs and executives? Chicagoland top producer Michael LaFido joins us to share his tactics and techniques, including taking your firs…

Why luxury real estate agents should follow international markets

It’s easy to fall into the rut of just observing what’s directly in front of you. My advice: don’t do that — broaden your horizons. When it comes to luxury real estate, be willing to reach out to the international market as well as the local sector …

How to get your luxury real estate deal to close

We’ve all been there. The buyer and seller are at the brink of finalizing a deal on a luxury home, but the final gap just refuses to close. The seller won’t go any lower, and the buyer won’t go any higher. Is it time to let go of the deal, or is there …