WATCH: Brad Inman’s closing remarks at Capital Connect

Inman founder Brad Inman thanks and encourages his audience as he wraps up Capital Connect at Inman Connect San Francisco 2018.

WATCH: The emerging data that will change your business

Trent Gardner of ListTrac, Dominik Pogorzelski of and Steven Marque of iTour Media offer a look at what is coming next in data and how it can be used to provide a more engaging customer experience.

WATCH: Have you identified your unique value proposition?

Thad Wong of @properties, Kendall Butler of FLI Properies and Glenn Sanford of eXp Realty take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco to help answer the fundamental question, “Why do you exist?”

Inman Connect San Francisco: Agent Connect Video Recap

An in-depth series of sessions and panel discussions revealing how top producing agents got to where they are today. Get actionable takeaways that you can implement now on everything from growing your book of business, to lead conversion, to choosing t…

Inman Connect San Francisco: Teams Track Video Recap

Whether you are already part of team or looking to start, grow or join a team, this afternoon breakout track is for you. Take a look at the inner workings of some of the most successful real estate teams to see how they operate. Get tips on how to stru…

Inman Connect San Francisco: Broker Connect Video Recap

Gain an understanding of how you can best position your brokerage for success in an industry where the word “disruption” is heard every day and the only constant is change. Learn how best to communicate value to your teams, grow your business through i…

WATCH: How is the MLS trying to be more broker-centric?

In this Inman Connect session, you’ll learn about some of the new and unique kinds of multiple listing service (MLS) governance models that are broker-centric, allowing for quicker decision making and nimble practices.

WATCH: What are’s thoughts on holding back data?

Suzanne Mueller, senior vice president of industry relations at Move/, takes the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco to share her perspective on where data goes and where leverages that data.

WATCH: How to enable innovation and expansion with data you have now

In this Inman Connect session, Jeremy Crawford, Shaun York and Katie Ragusa look at how data standards are helping companies deliver innovative solutions and affordable expansion into new markets.

WATCH: The new definition of ‘open data’

Are we holding back data from our consumers? Do consumers understand what open data is? How is open data changing for consumers and for us? Panelists dive into these questions and more onstage at ICSF 18.