WATCH: Creating buzz around your business

In this Inman Connect New York panel, Lion & Orb’s Audie Chamberlain and Stribling’s Ashley Murphy go through best practices for generating press around your company culture and share how to use PR to enhance your business.

WATCH: Growing your agents’ business by 300% in a year

Take a deep dive into strategies that’ll help indie brokers set up structure, create training programs and hold agents accountable when providing leads from Anthony Lamacchia.

WATCH: The partners helping to power indie brokerages

Not every brokerage has the ability to build an in-house technology stack. When should you ask for help when it comes to technology, and who can you turn to?

WATCH: The services shaping tomorrow’s successful brokerages

The edges of the business, including mortgage, settlement and insurance, have become core to broker profitability. What’s next, and how does the use of data impact broker success?

WATCH: Understanding user experience

The user experience requirements are vastly different if your end user is a real estate agent versus a consumer. Get tips and tricks to help you better design for your intended audience.

WATCH: When should team leaders stop selling?

Most successful team leaders eventually have to decide whether to keep producing or take on more of a leadership role. Listen in as Kris Lindahl, Wendy Papasan, Noel Berk and Julie Vanderblue talk through the decision-making process.

WATCH: The key to effective conversation

There are times when agents should use a script and other times when they shouldn’t. Get the inside scoop from experts on how to navigate tricky conversations and the top phrases and questions they recommend to ensure the sale. 

WATCH: Making the most of brokerage-vendor relationships

Get tips on how to make the most of your relationships with vendors, and learn how to create a successful strategy that works for your brokerage.

WATCH: How to pivot and adapt in a shifting market

In a shifting market, how can brokerages stay ahead of the game and be proactive about what’s to come? Find out from Red Oak Realty’s Vanessa Bergmark, Benchmark Property Management’s Lee Arnold and Laer Realty Partners’ Stacey Alcorn onstage at Inman Connect New York. 

WATCH: R u messaging ur clients? How texting has evolved

See how texting has evolved with advances in geotagging and smart-sign technology, and learn how to get the most out of your messages to clients.