Multigenerational households are on the rise, according to new data

Today, up to 41 percent of Americans who are buying a home are also considering accommodating a family member from another generation.

Co-living firm gets $300M funding boost to grow in US

Co-living company Quarters has raised $300 million to grow its presence in the U.S. in what the company is touting as the single largest investment in co-living in the nation.

Can the co-living market become a new revenue stream for agents?

Co-living is about small spaces, but for astute real estate agents across the United States it may also represent a huge, largely untapped opportunity.

The new American dream: How co-living is disrupting real estate

Today, many people are sharing spaces with roommates further into their careers or even as empty nesters — not because they need to for financial reasons — but because they want the benefits of a community built-in to their housing …

How co-living is changing the American Dream of homeownership

Upwardly mobile consumers are leasing private rooms in urban buildings, sharing upscale kitchen and living spaces with other like-minded people. This trend may not seem like a relevant topic for residential real estate agents based in the suburbs …