Online homebuyer Knock picks up $400M in latest fundraising round

Knock was founded in 2015 by Sean Black and Jamie Glenn, both also co-founders of Trulia, and Karan Sakhuja. Consumers using the company’s trade-in program pay a traditional 6 percent commission to the company. Homeowners also have to pay closing costs and other expenses such as appraisals.

Zillow will announce winner of $1M Zestimate contest later this month

On January 30, Zillow plans to reveal the winner of “Zillow Prize” and award $1 million to the team that made the biggest improvements to the accuracy of the Zestimate. Zillow is also awarding $100,000 to the runner-up and $50,000 to the third-place contestant.

Redfin Now is buying homes for cash in Los Angeles

The company had previously been operating its iBuyer program in other parts of Southern California, including San Diego and Orange County, but it revealed Wednesday that it has closed on 150 homes across the region.

8 hot water heater facts every homeowner should know

Hearing a ruckus in your basement? Don’t ignore it — it could be the beginning of an impending hot water tank failure, says Scott Schnurr of DRF Trusted Property Solutions.

10 housing markets poised for explosive growth in 2019

The thread that ties these metros together is affordability — something that buyers have struggled to find over the past few years as supply has failed to meet demand.

How the government shutdown is impacting homebuyers

A partial shutdown of the U.S. Government has entered its sixth day as both Democrats, Republicans and President Donald Trump dig in their heels over partial funding for a wall or partition structure along a small portion of the U.S. southern border an…

Retired pastor and wife lose $130K for home to wire fraud

After saving for decades and selling their first home in Clinton, the couple decided to use the money to purchase a new home closer to their grandchildren. 

Zillow Offers will launch in Dallas in 2019

That brings Zillow Offers to a total of nine markets nationwide: It’s already operational in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Denver and Charlotte, and has announced expansions to Raleigh, Houston and Riverside, California, in the coming year.

A exec is building beautiful, affordable homes in a hot market

Michael Pressnall, who is vice president of industry relations for, says the housing shortage from Seattle started to bleed into Tacoma, where home prices have risen 13.2 percent year-over-year.

Block wants to take the guesswork out of home renovations

While a typical bathroom renovation in the New York City area costs on average $20,000, Block Renovation’s offerings start at around $15,000 or 25 percent less.