How to build brand awareness as a newbie agent

Done right, your brand is a thoughtful, researched, emotional expression of your value — a value that lives in people’s hearts and minds. So what are some things a newer agent (or a grizzled veteran) can do to build brand awareness?

How Apple’s new updates could shake up real estate

Improvements to Apple Maps should be especially handy for agents who like to use voice commands with their iPhones, as those phones default to Apple’s proprietary mapping technology rather than that of a competitor such as Google.

3 tips for crafting a solid brand message

Have you noticed that your real estate business has been slowing down lately? Are you putting out content to the sound of crickets? If so, it is likely that your brand is missing the mark! Here’s how to hit the refresh button on your real estate branding and make sure it’s perfectly tailored to deliver the results you’ve been wishing for.

3 simple branding tips that work

Sick of spending thousands on leads that rarely convert? If you could, wouldn’t you rather focus your conversion efforts on prospects who already want to work with you? Learn how from Mike Cuevas, aka The Real Estate Marketing Dude.

New Windermere campaign highlights agents who go the extra mile — sometimes literally

Windermere Real Estate has launched a new marketing campaign highlighting not its considerable technology chops, but its agents’ willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.

How to generate, track and convert more leads than you ever thought possible!

Technology has always played a key role in the success of real estate agents. Today, smart real estate agents proactively seek out new technologies and other solutions to give them an advantage even in a highly competitive market.

WATCH: What does an amazing brand cost these days?

Find out what it costs to outsource projects and strengthen top-of-mind awareness, lead generation and social media content. Learn how to know when your efforts are working and how to track the right audience from these marketing gurus.

Reinvent your brokerage’s brand

As a broker or marketer, you’ve invested hundreds of hours and countless dollars carefully designing your brand’s story. You have a plan for every brand channel that allows you to communicate directly with consumers—from TV spots to your website.