Massachusetts is best prepared for digital economy as Southern states lag

The state ranked high largely because of investment in and support of the tech sector, as well as solid widespread internet connectivity.

Massachusetts market snapshot: Inventory is tight

For agents in Massachusetts, the biggest struggle amidst the COVID-19 pandemic has been the lack of available inventory.

Coronavirus has forever changed client conversations

The COVID-19 pandemic has us interacting with people in previously unthinkable ways. For agents, it’s created new client questions and increased buyer screening.

Inman’s state-by-state guide to evictions, rent and foreclosures

Rent and mortgage payments are due. Different states have different strategies for people who can’t pay during the pandemic. We’re updating this post as the situation evolves.

Zillow seeing rising web traffic, growing consumer interest

Traffic to listings on Zillow plummeted in the first weeks of the pandemic. But it has since rebounded, suggesting more consumers might be ready to buy and sell homes.

Lion & Orb launches new listing marketing program for agents

PressList is designed to generate media coverage for agents’ listings. The service also includes a virtual tour agents can use while in-person showings remain off limits.

US property taxes increased to $306.4B in 2019

The total property taxes levied on single-family homes in 2019 increased by 1 percent from 2018, the smallest increase in the past three years.

Rent growth slows amid coronavirus pandemic

Rents still increased in March, but the growth slowed at a time when rents would normally be rising more quickly.

People are fleeing cities amid coronavirus. Where are they going?

Data retrieved by Airbnb analysis website AirDNA shows that short-term renters are emptying out of cities and heading to more rural areas as coronavirus cases become more widespread.

Commuters lose an average of $1,377 per year stuck in traffic

The average American commuter spends 99 hours a year sitting in traffic, costing them about $1,377.