The rise and stall of the offer aggregators: How iBuyers are bringing startups to heel

Offerpad, Zillow and Opendoor are turning the screws on startups that offer price comparisons and claim to help consumers secure the best offer.

Homebuying startups agree: Consumers want simplicity, not speed

During an ICNY panel, leaders from several startups revealed that consumers have little interest in closing on a home in 24 hours; instead, they want a frictionless transaction.

Pulse: How do you show appreciation to agents? Readers weigh in

Giving out gift cards, throwing holiday parties and offering a free stay in your second home (if you have one) were among the top suggestions from readers.

The average American can’t afford a home in 7 out of every 10 counties

The average American still can’t afford to buy a typical home in a large majority of U.S. counties, though the situation is improving.

Pulse: 12 responses to ‘You don’t hold open houses? Why?’

Last week, we asked for your best responses to sellers when they say: “You don’t hold open houses? Why?” Readers shared how they overcome this objection, noting security risks, unlikelihood of attracting serious buyers and the arguable obsolescence of …

Is investing in single-family rentals a bad idea?

Wealth manager’s scathing critique of the asset class comes after Blackstone liquidated its position in the market.

Domio, an iRenter that subleases to travelers, nabs $100M

Domio, an iRenter that leases units from landlords and then subleases them to short-term guests, has raised an additional $100 million in equity and debt financing, TechCrunch reports.

Agents ensnared in ‘Newsday’ investigation boycott housing discrimination hearing

NRT CEO Ryan Gorman was the only one of 68 agents and company representatives to show at New York State Senate hearing in the wake of the “Newsday” fair housing investigation.

Hometap, a cash-for-equity startup, bags $100M to take on HELOCs

Hometap is among a growing number of startups that provide an alternative to HELOCs by letting homeowners sell stakes in their homes to investors.

Up-and-coming iBuyer Flyhomes lands in Southern California

Cruising under the radar, Flyhomes, which offers cash-purchasing power to buyers and price guarantees to homesellers, has been growing rapidly with variants on the iBuyer model.