What’s hot and what’s not in 2019 kitchen trends

Moving into 2019, homeowners are making the kitchen the focal point of meeting health and wellness goals. Find out what buyers are looking for here.

Student loan marketplace Credible.com jumps into mortgage industry

Credible.com CEO Stephen Dash explains how he plans to revolutionize the mortgage refinance industry by putting the consumer experience first.

SoFi founder’s new startup launches 5-minute approvals for home equity loans

Disgraced former SoFi CEO Mike Cagney is back with a new venture, just over a year after resigning from the company he helped found over sexual harassment allegations.

Keller Williams updates Kelle Snaps with team and agent sales numbers

Now Kelle Snaps will also include information related to an agent and his or her team and show how many homes the agent or team has sold in a specific neighborhood over the past year. 

Keller Williams adds Trinidad and Tobago to list of global markets

Keller Williams Worldwide has launched a new franchise in Trinidad and Tobago, which is slated to open its first office in Port of Spain within months.

Are real estate’s giants ready for a stock market correction?

As talk of a market correction looms, take a look at the stock prices of Realogy, RE/MAX, Zillow and more.

3 ways real estate agents can help renters become homeowners

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Can views sell this $3.249M home on John Barrymore’s old Hollywood estate?

It sits on property that once belonged to John Barrymore, an early 20th century movie star and grandfather to actress Drew Barrymore.

The sales volume leader tug of war continues — this time RE/MAX has the pull

RE/MAX earned $10.9 billion in system sales according to the “Franchise Times” 200+ list, beating out four other real estate franchisees on the list.

How to sell a spectacular $159M Florida estate that’s gone on and off market

The 58,000-square-foot home known as Playa Vista Isle, located on Florida’s Gold Coast between Miami and Fort Lauderdale and embellished with over 500,000 22-karat gold leaf sheets, will be available to prospective buyers on the Concierge Auctions platform on Nov. 12 at a $159 million starting price.