Triumph of the nerd: how eXp Realty’s founder built a $1 billion business

EXp Realty’s founder Glenn Sanford, a Keller Williams vet-turned-competitor, has found success by embracing his geeky side. Now he’s got a ‘Big Bang’-sized hit on his hands.

Consumers get duped on highjacked listings — I did twice

The state of New York is reportedly even considering outlawing the practice. In the face of this legal threat, I’ve noticed better disclosures by portals about listings. But it’s still very confusing.

Be the future of real estate

This summer is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, when 100,000 young people descended on the City by the Bay. It was an exciting, ebullient time that shaped art, culture, education and politics around the world for decades to …

NAR, take the high road in Washington, D.C.

This week when the National Association of Realtors board of directors gathers in Washington, D.C., for its annual midyear conference, the NAR leadership has an historic opportunity to bridge the gap within a divided organization. (Among other things, …

It’s time for NAR to ditch the dues hikes, or face member revolt

The industry’s campaign to raise member dues is a troubling example of its arrogance. Members have complained about the dues increase, but the NAR insiders pounced on the resistors as disloyal and even resorted to name calling

Tables turning on real estate

The ascendance of Redfin and Compass in the new Swanepoel Mega 1000 rankings shows how once again, upstarts are beating incumbents at their own game.

Zillow changes the game again

While the traditional real estate industry was arguing about its trade association’s logo, the biggest dog in the real estate space, Zillow, was prepping for an announcement to not only get deeper into the transaction but to become the transaction.

The Realogy imbroglio: Domino’s, Pepsi or flounder

A once-unstoppable real estate behemoth, Realogy barely survived the Great Recession. But it now faces an even more daunting challenge. Like a swarm of jellyfish, a sea of innovators are encircling the New Jersey firm, beginning to sting at its market …

Guns and drugs are real estate issues

The real estate industry should play a front and center role in this mess. Forget the public interest for a minute, consider the industry’s self-interest: safe schools and crime-free neighborhoods are central to quality of life, stable home prices and more home sales …

Let’s revolutionize real estate industry leadership — who’s in?

I am spending most of my waking hours this year thinking about how I can connect the right people, inside and outside the business, and what I can do to illuminate the inevitable changes on the horizon. Most importantly, I want to begin a serious, open…