5 outdated seller beliefs agents should debunk

Any seller who has not sold a home in the past five years is in for a shock: Everything they thought they knew about selling a home has changed. Sellers who do not understand the new rules of engagement can easily make costly mistakes and jeopardize th…

Zillow copyright fight could be headed to US Supreme Court

VHT Studios asked the Supreme Court to take up the case Thursday. The request marks the latest move in a suit that began when VHT said Zillow was illegally using tens of thousands of its photos.

The Complete Seller Lead promises the money is in the follow up

The tool was built by REzidual, a company founded by ex-Zillow ad execs, and it helps agents stay on top of new leads via automated follow up and CRM Follow Up Boss.

Parents have more trouble finding the right home: Zillow

Parents who shop for a home are more likely to go over budget, put down a smaller down payment and end up with a longer commute than those who don’t have kids, according to a new Zillow study.

5 tips for staying relevant regardless of market, brokerage or location

Rob Latufo isn’t sure going forward what commission structures will be like, what corporate entity he will be working for or how many transactions a year he will be able to derive from the mass of leads out there, but he’s sure of one thing: Agents nee…

Going all in with Zillow leads? 3 tips for winning big

What’s your lead-conversion rate? Not sure? Winston Murray converts an average of 1 in 17 leads into clients (roughly 5.9 percent). Here are Murray’s top tips for converting Zillow leads.

Real estate is at a ‘tipping point,’ analyst says

Traditional models shouldn’t be fully counted out, but they need to change, according to John Campbell. He’s downgraded Realogy’s target share price from $16 per share to $8 per share and lowered RE/MAX’s target stock price from $45 per share to $37 pe…

Zillow CEO’s big bet on his company earns him $13M

Rich Barton purchased 703,500 shares of Zillow Group stock between Nov. 16-20, 2018, according to Zillow’s SEC filings. The shares have skyrocketed in value.

Zillow Offers rolls out in Orlando

Zillow Offers, the direct-to-consumer homebuying and selling offering from real estate tech giant Zillow, is officially live in Orlando, Florida.

Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials: use the right rich media to reach your ideal buyer

As Will Rogers famously said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In our high paced, data-driven world this phrase has never been more accurate. Research shows that we now form our first impression in just a tenth of a second.