What are real estate agents saying about Opendoor’s funding news?

With Opendoor’s recent $325 million Series E funding round, $2 billion valuation and plans to quintuple its markets by 2020, alongside other bold expansion moves being made by competitors, iBuyers are making a massive ripple in the industry. But what d…

Zillow’s an iBuyer: What does that mean for you?

Now that a little time has passed since the announcement by Zillow that it will be “collaborating” on the purchase and sale of properties using its Instant Offers platform (currently being tested in Las Vegas and Phoenix markets), I’ve had the chance to think about what it might mean for organized real estate.

OfferPad cuts ties with Zillow over Instant Offers expansion

OfferPad says it was not given any advance warning from Zillow ahead of Zillow’s move to expand Instant Offers by becoming an investor/homebuyer and seller in its own right.

Making the Next Play: With Instant Offers, Zillow to Begin Buying and Selling

Zillow announced on Thursday it is becoming a buyer and seller through its Instant Offers platform, beginning in Las Vegas and Phoenix with Premier Agents this spring. Arik Prawer, formerly chief integration officer at Invitation Homes, has been appointed chief business development officer to oversee the participation of Zillow on the platform. On Instant Offers, […]

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Opendoor founders subtweet Zillow’s new home buying service

When Zillow announced it was entering real estate transactions as an iBuyer, Opendoor put on a good face. On Twitter, it’s a different story.

New iBuyer platform Offerai inspired by Zillow Instant Offers

Offerai is a recently launched ibuyer platform that uses a Facebook Messenger bot to gather home information. …

EXCLUSIVE: Disruption in Real Estate—Advancement or Threat?

From Zillow Instant Offers to Opendoor, real estate professionals across the country are concerned about an ever-growing faction of so-called industry disruptors. RISMedia’s recently released white paper, “The Disruption of the Real Estate Industry: A Survival Guide for Brokers and Agents,” includes exclusive RISMedia research on the topic, a look at some of the industry’s […]

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Who in their right mind would sell to an iBuyer?

SAN FRANCISCO — Why would homesellers choose to pay a high commission while running the risk of selling their home at a discount? Or to ask the question another way: Who would choose to use an “iBuyer?” …

Zillow Instant Offers expands to Phoenix

Zillow Group will expand Zillow Instant Offers, a pilot program that helps homeowners to sell directly to investors, to Phoenix in mid-September …