Buy Warren Buffett’s beach house at slashed price of $7.9 million

Buffett, ranked third among the wealthiest people in the world, reduced the price of the Laguna Beach property from $11 million to $7.9 million.

Are Buyers Stretched Too Thin?

With a nationwide inventory shortage, home prices are spiking, spurring bidding wars in tough-to-negotiate sellers’ markets—and yet, these conditions are not dissuading buyers from throwing their hat in the ring, even if that means stretching themselves thin to reach that homeownership goal. According to a CoreLogic study completed for The Wall Street Journal, around one […]

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Prepaid Property Tax Debate Undecided

Just a few days shy from the 2018 tax deadline on April 17, and controversy surrounding the new tax law—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—is leaving multitudes of homeowners uncertain about whether they should claim their prepaid property tax deductions. The new law imposes a $10,000 cap on state and local tax write-offs (previously unlimited) […]

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Nostalgia, school pride and game day bringing homebuyers back to their college towns

Nothing brings back the nostalgic rush of the good old days like a trip to your college town years after graduation. That desire to relive special memories and unleash school pride is pulling a wave of homebuyers back to their college stomping grounds.

Volatile Market Threatens Retirement Real Estate

The stock market has been on a volatile patch after plunging nearly 1,600 points at the beginning of February—and, while stable now, consumers and investors are watching closely. With many public pension plans tied to stocks, the incoming retirement community is hoping for a full recovery to recoup losses. Many public pensions have already reported […]

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Rebecca Riskin, Montecito’s ‘first lady of luxury real estate,’ dies in mudslides

“She was like the iconic standard of a luxury real estate agent, she was it. She was also a beautiful, caring, sensitive, genuine person…” …

Relax and live a little: How to earn a spot at real estate’s rich table

You won’t find Aaroe Estates president and real estate agent Aaron Kirman slumped behind a desk or hiding behind his tablet. You’re more likely to catch him mid-volley on the tennis court with clients, chatting it up with prospects at dinner or enjoyin…

It’s About Time: Builders Responding to Renter Rush

Will they, or won’t they? Whether millennial renters would make the transition to homeownership has been hotly debated since the housing crisis—and now, there is more evidence pointing to the affirmative. According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, home builders are starting to double back on starter home production, recognizing valid demand […]

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What China’s ‘strict’ overseas investment controls mean for real estate

Chinese investors, both individuals and institutions, have been investing in the U.S. real estate market for years. New policies might make it more difficult for Chinese companies to do large overseas merger-and-acquisition deals and invest in the over…

Team transactions outpacing top producers’, according to REAL Trends

Real estate teams are on the rise, according to a new in-depth report from REAL Trends. Citing real estate coach Tom Ferry from a 2016 survey, the report — “The Real Estate Teams Playbook: Aligning Structures and Strategies” — said there are between …