Median home price hits a new record: $300,000

The data shows that despite a cooling housing market, high prices will continue to pose an affordability challenge for buyers.

Meet the trailblazers leading the way at Disconnect in the Desert

Disconnect will not only be guided by real estate mavericks, but also outside-the-industry trailblazers with insights that will redefine the way we do business.

Overcoming emotional attachment: 4 critical seller conversations

The best way to help sellers overcome emotional attachment to their homes is to shift the way they think about their “former” homes. Here are four important conversations that do just that. Each one is a segue to the next, with the ultimate objective of presenting the listing at its full potential when it hits the market.

Molly Bloom: You don’t know high stakes like this

Molly Bloom ran the largest underground poker game in Hollywood. Then the FBI came knocking. Now she’ll take center stage at the inaugural, Inman Connect Las Vegas, to run the table and tell Inman Connect attendees all. The first time Molly Bloom helped her then boss run an underground poker game, she went home with […]

ICNY19 Presentation Decks

Take a deeper look into some of the sessions and presentations at this year’s Inman Connect New York.  Agent Connect  Top 10 Trends Agents Need to Know in a Shifting Market Katie Kossev and Joe Rand More Than Just Likes: A Blueprint for Your Social Media Spend in the New Market Marki Lemons-Ryhal CMO Connect  […]

Door-knocking works: 3 agents’ strategies that prove it

Learn from three relatively new agents who’ve found fast success in their markets using these tactics. Try them out, and you’ll see how easy it can be to make door-knocking a regular, valuable part of your prospecting routine.

CoreLogic selected as Upstream’s new vendor

CoreLogic has been selected as the new vendor of Upstream, a long-in-development data management platform from UpstreamRE.

Why traditional real estate works now more than ever

Consumers looking for lower-cost alternatives to the traditional real estate model have many options to choose from — but are those alternatives up to par? It seems the new “freemium” business model has grown ever-popular, but agents were using this model well before it had a name — and that’s why no alternative model can beat out an agent’s true value.

8 steps for crafting a solid real estate marketing plan

As a real estate agent, how you sell yourself often directly translates into how many homes you sell. Here are ICNY speakers’ top tips on how agents can upgrade their marketing game.

‘Real estate agents need to calm down’ and do their jobs: Ryan Serhant

Moderator Katie Kossev introduced Ryan Serhant, of Million Dollar Listing New York fame, with the disclaimer that his success was found way before we saw him on Bravo TV.