Wanna meet buyers and sellers in a 5-mile radius? Try Nexme

There are already a few startups that promise to be the Uber of real estate. Now there’s another one: Nexme, an iOS app that connects buyers and sellers to agents on demand. But Nexme is taking its own approach.

Why ‘Uberization’ and tech will never trump quality agents

One of the biggest myths I’ve found in the real estate tech world is that of the imminent “Uberization of real estate.” Simply put, this theory claims that technology will disrupt the real estate industry by directly matching buyers and sellers (like Uber does with drivers and riders), thus eliminating the need for the real estate agent.

Keycafe hubs convert shops, bars and delis into key storage

Security and convenience are often at war. And one major area where they intersect in real estate is in the shuffling of keys, whether they’re being transferred to open the doors for a home tour, cleaning service or short-term guest …