What agents should know about tech’s next IPO boom

The San Francisco Bay Area could explode with new millionaires this year, as a number of the top Bay Area-based tech companies mull initial public offerings. But will this influx of new cash actually have an appreciable impact on the nation’s most expensive housing market?

The next big paradigm shift? Quick appraisals in under 2 weeks

Anow processes more than 50,000 appraisals across the U.S., Canada and other countries each month, but the goal isn’t volume alone.

Gary Vaynerchuk, fresh off real estate conference, slams homeownership

Gary Vaynerchuk repeatedly criticized the idea of homeownership and said buying a house is a bad use of capital during a new interview.

Miami’s latest luxury condos have landing pads for flying cars

As flying cars get close to becoming a reality, developers for the super-rich are already planning towers with their own landing pads.

Agents OnDemand lets users hail agents like they’re Uber drivers

The app lets homebuyers search for agents “on duty” in their area and connects them directly for showings and other business. Users pay nothing, agents pay $30 a month.

Pitching your real estate tech to Inman? Avoid these 6 blunders

If you’re a technology company stakeholder trying to catch the eyes of Inman’s tech-forward, deal-savvy audience, steer clear of these six mistakes when creating your pitch.

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New York City and Airbnb are battling it out. Here’s everything to know about the fight between the $38 billion platform and one of its biggest markets.

Uber and Lyft are adding to traffic congestion, not reducing it: study

As Uber and Lyft have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, they are increasingly reaching people who would otherwise not drive, according to report.

When Compass plays hardball, become an Avenger

Disruptors are invading the real estate industry, but traditional brokerages can fight back.

6 safety apps all agents should have at the ready

Even though we’re very thankful to not have reported a serious act of violence against an agent in recent months, the industry shouldn’t rest on this issue — it has to be a component of the job 24/7. Here are six safety apps every agent should consider.