How market share is creating competitive superpowers in real estate

Explosive growth is on the horizon for the brokerage — or group of brokerages — that cracks the market-share code first.

Is a Compass IPO coming soon?

My gut tells me that Compass might file an IPO sooner than later — this year, even. In doing so, they’d seek to join the gaggle of private tech companies rushing to go public before the bubble (if that’s what this is) bursts.

Bidding wars pick up in San Francisco amid tech IPOs

A new report from Redfin suggests a host of new IPOs is having a significant impact on the already expensive local housing market.

The Real Word: Could an Uber driver find your next investment?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, Uber drivers finding investment properties, the future of real estate and Realogy CEO on signing bonuses. 

Good news for CA brokerages as indie contractor bill advances

California lawmakers advanced a proposed law this week that has the potential to upend entire industries that rely on independent contractors. But now, the law has a key tweak: Real estate professionals will be exempt.

Inside the app that lets Uber drivers scout homes to flip

Dealmachine works directly with real estate investors, who pay a monthly fee beginning at $49 for the service. Those investors then procure their own drivers.

Why the only constant in real estate is change

Everyone is experimenting with new models, ideas and concepts as the needs and expectations of millennials change in a world upended by digital technologies, home automation and artificial intelligence.

What agents should know about tech’s next IPO boom

The San Francisco Bay Area could explode with new millionaires this year, as a number of the top Bay Area-based tech companies mull initial public offerings. But will this influx of new cash actually have an appreciable impact on the nation’s most expensive housing market?

The next big paradigm shift? Quick appraisals in under 2 weeks

Anow processes more than 50,000 appraisals across the U.S., Canada and other countries each month, but the goal isn’t volume alone.

Gary Vaynerchuk, fresh off real estate conference, slams homeownership

Gary Vaynerchuk repeatedly criticized the idea of homeownership and said buying a house is a bad use of capital during a new interview.