10 housing markets to keep an eye on in 2018

If you’re considering moving to these cities, here’s a list of things you can’t miss …

10 Housing Markets to Watch in the New Year

Dwindling inventory, high demand and even higher prices. Will the housing market shift next year? According to a 2018 Housing Forecast by Trulia, the answer is contingent on many wait-and-sees. Definitive, however, is at least one indicator: the homeownership rate. In a continuation of its movement this year, the homeownership rate is expected to gradually […]

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Housing in 2018: Where Are Home Values Headed?

Analysts are expecting even higher home prices in 2018 than originally projected, according to new research. Zillow’s 2017 Q4 Home Price Expectations Survey reveals experts are anticipating a 4.1 percent hike in the new year, up from the 3 percent they forecasted a year ago. Over 100 experts, including economists, participated in the survey. Their […]

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Think tank says MLSs should be investigated for antitrust

A Washington, D.C.-based think tank is calling for federal regulators to investigate multiple listing services that restrict data from listing websites for possible antitrust violations. The nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), is also asking for state lawmakers to require brokers to provide free, unrestricted access to real estate listings …

When is the housing market’s Black Friday?

On the day after Thanksgiving, buyers will be flocking to stores and online retailers to find the best deals of the year. But, according to Trulia, real estate’s Black Friday happened three months ago, when sellers are anxious to move their home off th…

Rent or buy? Top cities for owning, renting and sharing

In today’s market, renters and buyers often find themselves in the same boat, wading through issues with availability and affordability in their respective markets. This uncertain real estate environment leads to the question renters inevitably find th…

New Zillow tool peers into the minds of renters

Zillow Group has announced the launch of Rental Inform, a cloud-based data dashboard comprised of exclusive, real-time rental market and aggregated consumer insight data aimed to help property management companies make decisions about operations, marke…

First-Time Homebuyers: Your Time Is Now

Fall is for first-timers. Seventy of the top 100 largest metropolitan areas see more starter homes on-market in October, November and December, relieving prices 4.8 percent over spring, according to the recently released Trulia Inventory and Price Watch. The most dramatic shifts—in favor of first-time homebuyers—in prices and supply are out West, in Arizona, California, […]

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Trulia adds personalized ‘Activity Feed’ to mobile apps

Trulia has redesigned the home page for its for-sale and rental apps, aiming to tailor its design to a user’s specific interests …

Where Home-Building Is Booming, and Why

Home-building is floundering against soaring demand, with inventory now at its lowest in two decades. Are any markets keeping up? New construction is taking off in at least three, where each are expected to gain more than 40,000 new homes this year, according to a recent study by Trulia. Activity is exploding in Dallas and […]

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