Who should attend home inspections?

Property inspections are like the final stitch in a bespoke suit. If done properly, it keeps the sum of its parts intact. If done poorly, it begins to unravel, and the whole thing falls apart. And the tailor is always there for the final fitting.

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3 tips for crushing the ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ mentality

Inman’s recent hot-button post “‘Monopoly for Millennials’ hits shelves, sans real estate” got regular Inman contributor Troy Palmquist thinking. How can we as agents better serve millennials and get them into homes? Here’s what he’s come up with.

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A Realtor’s guide to helping during a disaster

In light of the recent fires that are devastating California, we urge agents to establish a plan if they are going to take on any type of volunteer effort. Here’s what Ventura-based agent Ariel Palmieri did after fires destroyed much of her community l…

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What I’ve learned from being part of a Realtor’s association

“Realtor” is a term and a title that involves a great deal more than merely selling homes. I’ve been a very active, dues-paying member of the real estate industry for many years, but it wasn’t until I attended a recent C.A.R. event that I became even more enamored with my field.