Want success in real estate? Become ferociously intentional about THIS one thing

Did you hear the news? Only three percent of real estate agents are really doing it well. Ouch. Did that hurt a bit? The stats don’t lie: There are 1.3 million real estate agents in the U.S. Only 43,000 of those are really performing at a high level, though.

The one mantra that means everything to your success

At our flagship Success Summit event in August, I introduced a theme I believe has the potential to become a very powerful mantra you can use. It consists of just four simple words. But when taken to heart, it makes all the difference in the world.

4 creative strategies to attract more listings

Everybody wants more listings. But how do you get them? In today’s Coaching Corner, I’m revealing four creative strategies to attract more listings – but that’s not all.

Your perfect day: an hour-by-hour plan for agents

One of the benefits of being a real estate agent is the freedom that this business gives you. There’s no time clock to punch or strict hours to abide by. You have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose.

5 actions to generate more client referrals

Creating a business based on regular and recurring referrals is the ideal for any real estate professional. But it doesn’t just happen. It takes work. It requires you to be different, be proactive and provide extraordinary levels of service.

Get top testimonials!

Good reviews are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re essential. They’re critical to your success. That’s why I invited a testimonial expert on today’s show to teach you five simple questions to elicit the most powerful reviews.

How to get price reductions in a changing market

Feel that chill in the air? It’s not just autumn taking hold. The market, too, is cooling. Now, I’m not predicting a catastrophic slowdown. But we know real estate is cyclical, and I want to help you stay ahead of the curve.

How all-in-one tech can make every agent’s life easier (Yes, even yours!)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve got accounts for all sorts of tech tools – many of which you’re paying for month after month – and half of them you barely remember your password.

How to guarantee success in Q4 (as the market changes)

What do you do when you get three agents in the same room who are responsible for more than 650 annual home sales? You pick their brains to learn their secrets to success!

6 questions to attract more perfect clients

Let me tell you a quick story. On July 17, 1991, I went to a seminar by one of my mentors, Brian Tracy. Why do I remember the exact date? Because when I stood up to ask a question, it turned into a very memorable experience.