Even as foreclosure rates drop, Florida feels the pain

Even as home delinquency rates across the country hit record lows, some cities in Florida experienced a spike in the number of foreclosure starts in April.

What’s the best day of the year to sell a home?

Thanks to softening mortgage rates and stabilizing home price growth, this year’s spring homebuying season is expected to be a busy one.

Home profit margins soften nationwide

Homeowners who sold their home in Q1 2019 experienced an average price gain of $57,500 since purchase — a $2,500 quarter-over-quarter decline from Q4 2018 and a $767 year-over-year increase from Q1 2018.

Attom Data Solutions launches cutting edge, cloud-based service

Attom Data Solutions has unveiled a cloud-based system it believes could save clients money and ultimately do for data what Netflix did for streaming video.

WATCH: Why it’s not an open data world

Building products for the real estate world is more complicated than it seems when data comes into play. Get an insider’s look at what you need to know when accessing data for your projects.