From rock bottom to rocking my market

A little over two years ago, I nearly hit rock bottom. My life was in a downward spiral. I was going through home foreclosure; I was incapacitated from a car accident, where I lost my car and then I lost my job.

How all-in-one tech can make every agent’s life easier (Yes, even yours!)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve got accounts for all sorts of tech tools – many of which you’re paying for month after month – and half of them you barely remember your password.

5 ways to crush Q4 and roll into 2019 full of momentum

If you want to finish 2018 strong and make 2019 your best year ever, I’ve got five actions to help you crush Q4.

5 reasons it’s tough to be a parent in real estate (and how to make it work)

From never having free time to figuring out how to prioritize your kids while making your clients feel like they’re No. 1 — being a real estate agent with kids isn’t easy. Here’s how agents are balancing their work and family lives.

5 essentials for a better work/life balance for agents

Hours turn into days which blur into weeks and then months, and often we’re left blinking into the bewildered eyes in the mirror, no better off today than last year.

5 time management tips to get more done in your day

Find ways to get more done in a day, while also penciling in a break or two, with these five tips for better time management.

Fix your flatlining business in 30 days

When you’re struggling, focusing on appointment setting is always a great cure. Here are four steps to help you get out of the rut, set more appointments and absolutely crush the remainder of 2018.

SetSchedule RE Data & Practice Management

SetSchedule delivers the right opportunities, appointments, and valuable insights to close the deal.

Take control of your schedule and make more money

My coach recently asked me a great question. “Tom, are you managing your time powerfully?” she asked. This question really got me thinking. You can’t get more than 24 hours every day. But you can get more from those 24 hours.

Turn your time into money

I’m sure it’s happened to you. You show up at the office with the best intentions to make the most of your day. Yet hours later, you head home feeling like you didn’t accomplish one thing that will bring in the bucks.