How to let your mission and vision be your North Star in uncertain times

Now, more than ever, we need strong and resolute leadership. The three most important roles of a leader are to cast the vision and share the mission; provide clarity, focus and direction; and remove roadblocks. Here’s how to use your mission and vision…

5 tips for team leaders to boost productivity permanently

Running a team means that you have to wear a lot of hats at different times and continually balance the time you commit to each task. If you don’t have a guide to your priorities, you’re never going to be able to grow, and that’s essential for every team leader. Here’s what works for me.

David Terbeek knows when to tell a client it’s not the right time to buy

“The relationship and long-term benefit of working with the client is much more important than that one single sale,” the RE/MAX Haven Realty founder said.

3 ways to keep your team engaged this summer

Encouraging more time outdoors, from group team-building activities to educational work outings, will keep your team engaged and have a positive impact on the group dynamic.

We’re all about Teams this July on Inman

This July, Inman’s editorial theme is Teams — what it takes to build and join one, how to optimize your team for summer 2020, and even when to consider leaving one. Tune in for opinion, insights and advice all month long.

Get it done! 4 tips for keeping your day on track

As we begin to enter the next phase, now is a great opportunity for agents to implement good work habits to maximize their productivity and return to business with greater focus than ever.

What agents need to know about mortgages during (and after) COVID-19

As experts and advisers, real estate agents have always played an important role for homebuyers. But it’s clear that during the coronavirus era, they have even more responsibility to educate clients on what’s happening in today’s market.

The Inman Handbook on communicating in our new normal

Improve your personal and professional performance with our guide designed to help you better communicate and connect with others and with yourself.

Not like all the rest? 5 lesser known CRMs that should be on your radar

Rich in innovation, the CRM segment of tech is popular, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. These products might not be top-of-mind, but they are worth checking out.

Want a 95% retention rate? Here’s how this 180-agent team does it

To help you fast-track your team to attaining a 95 percent retention rate, learn from our mistakes. It took us several years, but you can reap the benefits much faster.