WATCH: The tech trends that’ll define 2019

Seventy-eight percent of U.S. internet consumers have said that a brand that provides them with personalized content will have a much greater chance at winning their business. This is just one of the facts that eXp Realty’s Scott Petronis and CoreLogic’s Lucie Fortier shared onstage at Inman Connect New York.

Tech, teams and the total cost of competing

On the heels of Inman Connect, I’ve never been more certain that big money is not the solution to simplifying the real estate ecosystem and improving the customer journey. The hostility between industry leaders is escalating.

How to ensure your business is strong for the long-haul

The entire real estate industry is changing, which is why every agent needs to start thinking like an early adopter. Here’s how to survive — and thrive — in your long-term career.

This one barrier is keeping us from innovating

Brokers and MLSs don’t speak the same lanugage. In this article, Sam DeBord decodes the translucent industry lingo surrounding MLS consolidation.

Compass nabs 17-agent team from Coldwell Banker

Compass welcomed Jonathan Keith’s TeamJK to the fold after the team opted to leave Coldwell Banker for better technology, according to a Tuesday press release.

WATCH: How to better connect with consumers through technology

Jack Markham of Constellation Real Estate Group, Daniel Parzivand of SetSchedule, Alexander Voloshyn of Propy, Lauren Nemeth of Nextdoor and David Tal of Agentology discuss how to use technology to connect with clients.

6 misconceptions real estate tech engineers wish MLSs understood

To clear up these misunderstandings and nudge future discussion in the right direction, here are six misconceptions tech engineers wish MLSs understood. 

Knock will buy you a new home, even if you don’t have one to sell

Knock can help new buyers get approved for a mortgage, buy a house on their behalf in cash and then transfer it over to them.

Amazon wants its new Fire TV Cube to be the brain of your smart home

Alexa, turn on the TV. The newest version of Amazon’s Fire TV Cube now comes with a speaker and an Alexa voice assistant, allowing users to turn on a TV with their voice.

I toured an Opendoor home for sale, and its frictionless tech was a game-changer

If you make it easier to see a home, could you sell it for a higher price? A recent tour of homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, using Opendoor’s app, led me to believe that it’s highly possible.