Map-based data service TopHap helps agents master their market

TopHap is a powerful real estate market intelligence tool that uses maps to help agents visualize market activity and become local experts.

Marketing and CRM solution Agent 3000 is big on features

Agent 3000, developed by one-time South Florida broker Shawn Sommer, is all about execution over fluff, now accessible to 250,000 agents.

Mac users can rejoice in Daylite, a CRM just for them

Daylite is a CRM from Marketcircle for Macs and mobile Apple devices that leverages the native look, feel and functionality of Mac software.

Can Elm Street Technology’s business productivity solution Elevate boost profits?

Smartly packaged from an assemblage of established technologies, Elm Street Technology’s Elevate is business productivity software for mid-size brokerages to manage leads, clients and agent performance. But it’s among tough competition.

Brivity emphasizes follow-up and automation, starting with its websites

Ben Kinney Companies’ Brivity is team-focused real estate software that uses web-based lead capture to nurture leads into clients and manage their status with an included CRM.

Open house manager OHGuests packages features with affordability

Barely a month old, this open house management solution for individual agents and hands-on brokers stresses data security and affordability, and it’s flexible for all mobile operating systems.

Want your own TV channel? Smart TV Marketing is here

Smart TV Marketing can give real estate agents their own channel on web-connected televisions, next to channels like HBO GO, Amazon and Netflix.

KvCORE shines in increasingly crowded all-in-one platform space

KvCORE is Inside Real Estate’s all-in-one business management, marketing and sales solution. See how it stacks up among its industry competitors in this in-depth proptech review.

Loft47 levels up deal management by stripping it down

Loft47 Technologies’ broker product gives tech-forward number crunchers a sharp, simple way to run their real estate business and integrate with popular third-party data providers.

Peer Reputation: More than another rank-and-refer platform?

Peer Reputation helps agents connect, rank and refer one another to leverage relationships. But is its true potential in peer-to-peer referrals, or could recruiting be a better use?