WATCH: How I built my real estate team

All teams have to start from square one. Hear from successful team leaders, moderator Kris Lindahl, Rachel Adams Lee, Jeremy Stein and Daniel Beer, as they reflect back on what they did early on to set up their teams for success.

WATCH: 6 pitfalls that can get agents in legal trouble

Copyright and intellectual property, deceptive images, audio-visual recording, cannabis, smart-home tech and teams — these are all legal pitfalls real estate agents need to be aware of to avoid fines, legal trouble and even prison. Tune into the entire discussion for the 411 on possible legal issues.

5 reasons we jumped the KW ship for eXp

The Ellis Team was with KW for two years and RE/MAX for nearly 18 before that. Now they are betting against franchises entirely. Here’s why leaders Rick and Tracy Ellis decided to make the move to a virtual brokerage in the name of expansion.

Is it time to leave your real estate team?

To work with a team or go it alone — the question becomes: Which option is best for me? The answers to these questions are different for everyone.

WATCH: What should your team compensation structure look like?

Deciding on a team compensation structure can be difficult. Scott Curcio of Baird & Warner and Robynn Eccles of Coldwell Banker’s Eccles Group take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco’s Teams Track to discuss this thorny topic.

Connect the ICSF Speakers: Katie Clancy: ‘Be A Leader or a Lemming’

What does it mean to be a lemming? “So many of us have been taught that money is why we’re here and that anybody can do this job,” says Katie Clancy. “And it’s a very low bar for entry.” She’ll explain how to shift from lemming to leader at Inman Connect San Francisco.

Connect the ICSF Speakers: Anthony Lamacchia on going from Team to Brokerage

“Agents who are on teams tend to stay on teams for two to three years,” Lamacchia explained, “and I knew a few years in that I’d never be able to build the monster I wanted to under that setup.” Lamacchia will share his story about how he identified and solved his biggest real estate growth problem only at Inman Connect San Francisco.

6 critical must-dos when starting a real estate team

At the point in a real estate agent’s career that his or her lead generation system consistently produces too many leads to handle personally, that agent has to decide what represents the optimal way to respond to this exhausting abundance. And because…

How to form an agent team to expand your real estate business

LAS VEGAS — If you’re going to build a team, noted Caryn Yates at Century One’s One21 Conference, you don’t want to throw it together haphazardly …

Josh Mente reveals: 3 keys to building a real estate dream team

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Mente’s strengths are dealing with high-level requirements, growing them and putting systems in place. Additionally, he enjoys managing employees and helping them get better …