Zillow will include Canadian property listings from EXIT Realty

Zillow’s most recent agreement is actually an expansion — EXIT Realty Corp. International listings featured on Zillow will now include Canadian addresses.

5 essentials for a better work/life balance for agents

Hours turn into days which blur into weeks and then months, and often we’re left blinking into the bewildered eyes in the mirror, no better off today than last year.

10 reasons for a brokerage to acquire another company

EXIT Realty’s white paper shows that it’s prime time for mergers — and consolidating is still a way for traditional brokerages to stay competitive.

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Real estate industry leaders consider how more organized recovery and rebuilding efforts, sustainable housing and insurance resources could come into play …

Letters from: real estate broker Cheryl Spangler

Welcome to “Letters from,” my new column that examines the intimate thoughts of members of the real estate industry. We will explore why they got into the business, what they wish they would have known when they started, their challenges and more …

4 hot business-building tips from AFIRE’s leading women

This year’s AFIRE was packed with great content, including unique ways to use LinkedIn for lead generation, the hidden opportunity in global real estate search, how to avoid the lure of shiny object syndrome and a simple way to manage your time. Here are a few examples of what I learned at the conference …