Red Oak is now the largest indie brokerage in California’s East Bay

In an era of tech disruption, Red Oak Realty is acquiring fellow indie brokerage Marvin Gardens Real Estate to compete with Compass and other well-funded rivals.

Opendoor will expand into Salt Lake City, Boise and St. Louis

The iBuyer plans to make offers on homes in Salt Lake City and Boise later this year, followed by St. Louis in 2020, the company announced Tuesday.

These are the most affordable neighborhoods in the US

Released Tuesday, Trulia’s latest analysis found affordable neighborhoods spread all across the Midwest.

Which markets will homebuyers be priced out of next?

SmartAsset’s study released on Tuesday shows that homebuyers are starting to be priced out of historically affordable markets such as Dallas, Nashville and St. Louis, thanks to inadequate income growth.

Agent’s text message marketing experiment elicits that rare thing: A response

“Do you have any interest in selling? My contact information is attached.” A text message to potential sellers may not work for every market, but Jim Manning, co-founder of STL Real Estate in St Louis, is finding some success with a campaign he recentl…

Building a Strong Foundation

In the following interview, Cindy Fox, broker/owner of Real Living Now Real Estate in Lake St. Louis, Mo., discusses her market, the real estate marketing programs available through her brand, and more. Region Served: St. Louis metro area Years in Real Estate: 22 Number of Offices: 1 Number of Agents: 40 Favorite Part of Your Job: Helping people Best Advice […]

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Livability ranks the most political cities in the US based on party

Presidential election season is deep underway, and big party lines run deep as ever. Social media quarrels and upcoming heated debates are likely to cause some societal rifts, but much of that depends on the state you live in, data shows …

Are fixer-upper homes really worth the price tag?

Some people get giddy at the thought of rolling up their sleeves and improving a home for profit, but do they really know the savings of a typical fixer-upper home in their market …

Redfin: US home sales fell 11 percent in July, but don’t panic

Home sales fell 10.9 percent nationally as the median sale price increased 5.3 percent in July from a year ago. New listings slid by 6 percent, the largest year-over-year decrease in 2016, which has been a year starved of home supply. For the third mon…

4 tips for preserving company culture in times of rapid growth

Growing pains are a bitter-sweet reality that every successful business faces. Specifically, growth presents challenges and opportunities for organizations in the area of corporate culture. I can tell you firsthand that it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of expansion and lose sight of why your business was founded in the first place …