3 things you must refine to get your image in check

The shallowness and importance of a first impression in the real estate industry are undeniable, which is why it’s important to nail your personal brand image from the get-go. Here are the three most important factors that make up your personal brand image — get these right, and you’ll sculpt an impressive yet genuine brand that attracts quality clients.

How to elevate your luxury brand by being a ‘concierge agent’

The term “concierge agent” might be new to some, but it’s what those of us who care, who are available and who are present have always been. We are all-hands-on-deck Realtors who are always available to our clients. Here’s how you can become one too.

7 steps for obsessively committing to your business and success

To succeed in real estate, you must be obsessed with success. Here are seven steps to becoming obsessively committed to the success of your business.

6 ways to prepare yourself for selling luxury real estate

If you are interested in learning how to make the jump into the luxury market when that beautiful listing comes around, follow these six steps for successfully marketing a luxury property.

Being loud doesn’t make you right: 3 ways to be heard

I am half-Greek and half-German, and when I communicate about something I’m passionate about, there are probably two things you can expect from me: I will believe I’m right, and I will probably be loud.

Why ‘honey badger don’t care’ is the best advice I’ve ever received

One day, a dear friend of mine, who is a successful sales-driven business man, saw I was having one of those frustrating mornings where not one, but three deals appeared to be going sideways …

3 ways agents will remain relevant as robots approach

I was reading an article the other day that led with: “Millions of workers around the world are at risk of losing their jobs to robots or A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), but it’s Americans who should be particularly worried.” …

7 things real estate leaders should never do

Problems arise in real estate all the time. Just the other day, I found myself in the middle of a complex and convoluted transaction. Like any smart real estate agent, I sought the opinion of my brokers …

5 rules for playing nice with other real estate agents

For many years, I was on a self-centered journey where I thought all roads led back to me. I honestly believed during that time that the “sandbox” I played in was either all mine, or at least, a territory governed by my rules …

Switching brokerages? Ask these 8 questions first

In our industry, I see a lot of musical chair real estate agents — those who jump ship because they continue to find discontent with firm after firm. Certainly, it is the norm for any of us to make a few upward moves over a period of time as we ascend…