Spring Forward: Cynthia Adams on letting your passion shine

Cynthia Adams is the co-founder of Pearl National Home Certification. Pearl is a software services company establishing a national standard for verifying and certifying the energy and performance assets of homes to increase property value and improve o…

Spring Forward: Ashley Houseman: “Conversations lead to Contracts”

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Keller Williams’ Ashley Houseman to get her perspective on how she works with sellers in the southwest Florida market, how she develops the best pricing strategy for her clients, and what she does to dri…

Spring Forward: Bill Herbst on why ‘Done is better than perfect’

Bill formed the Gilmartin-Herbst Team with Ralph Gilmartin, combining Bill’s background in sales and marketing with Ralph’s 35+ years as an attorney specializing in negotiating tough deals.

Spring Forward: Dawn Thomas: ‘Stop discounting yourselves!’

As a Broker Associate with Sotheby’s International Realty, Dawn Thomas serves clients with luxury homes and estate sales in the Palo Alto and surrounding areas of California.

Spring Forward: Steve & Heather Ostrom on being a positive magnet

Steve and Heather Ostrom are Coldwell Banker agents who live and work in and around the Roseville markets of Northern California. We recently got the chance to sit down with them both and ask them where their success has come from, how they work most effectively with buyers and sellers, and what advice they’d give to other agents looking to make changes and optimizations to their business in 2018.

Spring Forward: Andrea Gordon: ‘Remember it is their money’

How to win listings and best discuss pricing with sellers.

Spring Forward: Penelope Moore: “Stop Procrastinating!”

This Spring, Inman is obsessing over helping you to tune-up your business, with actionable insights, the best advice from top agents, and hundreds of helpful stories from all over the world. Interested in sharing your advice and insights with us? Reach out to me at matthew@inman.com. Don’t forget that we’ll also be focusing on how […]

Spring Forward: Penelope Moore: ‘Stop Procrastinating!’

Visiting Shelter Island for the first time in 1995, Penelope immediately fell in love with its simplicity and tranquility, and bought a house there.

Spring Forward: Ira Serkes — ‘Stop searching for balance … strive for harmony’

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Berkeley-based agent Ira Serkes to pick his brain about what he and his team think about winning listings, working closely with sellers and incorporating productive habits into their daily routine.

Spring Forward: Dana Zdancewicz on ‘poking the deal with a stick’

Dana Zdancewicz is an accomplished real estate professional working as a team member with mentor and mom Laura Caterson of the Devon, Pennsylvania office. We recently sat down with Dana to ask her how she works with sellers on pricing, how she wins lis…