Come back strong! 10 key things your CRM can do to keep you top of mind

In the above session from Connect Now, Shannon McGee of IXACT Contact discusses the pivotal role their CRM can play in helping you level up your business, including automated lead capture and nurture, communication and online presence tools and activit…

Trending lighting styles that sell

A luxury home’s ambiance, aesthetic, and visual distinctness depends on the quality of its light. But with such a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from, what are today’s luxury homebuyers looking for?

How financing can make or break a sale

Buying a home is a complicated process for everyone involved, including the real estate agents and brokers who already know what to expect. From the perspective of the homebuyer, especially those making their first forays into homeownership, it can be a whirlwind of confusion and frustration. Compound that with the negative economic impacts from COVID-19, and you’ve added uncertainty to the equation.

Real estate’s catch-22: how to buy when you haven’t sold

Laura owned a condo in San Carlos, California, when she accepted a new job in Portland, Oregon. She was given a challenging timeline: relocate and start in six weeks. She believed her condo would sell quickly and for a great price, but the owner of her dream home in Portland wouldn’t accept her contingent offer.

5 lessons for the real estate industry

For RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos, every day begins with a choice. Sink or swim, win or lose, blend in or stand out: Mindset is the determining decision we make every day. Contos hosts a weekly motivational podcast, Start With a Win, which brings his lead-by-…

Powering the agent of the future

The speed and power of today’s home search can create mismatches that result in frustration, inefficiency, and an overall poor experience. In the above session from Connect Now, Chris Bennett, General Manager of CoreLogic’s Real Estate Solutions Group, describes how CoreLogic is answering this challenge with the latest release of Matrix™ and OneHome™.

Future scope real estate and the world

In the above session from Connect Now, noted speaker, philosopher, photographer and author Matthew Ferrara of Matthew Ferrara & Company offers his view of the trends shaping the world beyond real estate in the pandemic era, and what that might mean for the future of our industry.

How to take 4 simple steps and get back hours every week

In the above session from Connect Now, Scott Gartner of RoadtoClose™ discusses a simple path for all real estate parties and transactions — one app that puts the process in the palm of everyone’s hand. RoadtoClose™ is visible, secure and accessible, empowering users and giving everyone a view from the driver’s seat.

Transparency is paramount for future consumers

In the above session from Inman Connect Now, Dan Noma, Jr., of iReal Estate Pro speaks on the importance of both building partnerships and leveraging technology to best serve consumers in the iBuyer era, including: Why consumers consider listing with a…

People, place, and brand: How a powerhouse team made the connection

“They call me Winz. ”Matt Winzenreid is one of those people who puts you at ease immediately. He has a disarming way about him, even though he runs a high performing real estate team. Matt makes you comfortable because he is comfortable. He’s self-assured. Secure in his belief that he’s doing exactly what he was meant to do.