Eight ways to build the right culture for your team

So you’ve decided to start a real estate team! One of the most important aspects of building a team is establishing your culture, yet this step is one of the most-often skipped in the rush to hire team members.

How to leverage culture for growth

A monthly dinner with your top performers. The annual office barbecue and volleyball tournament. A quarterly offsite with your managers. While some owners and brokers may see these simply as ways to get people out of the office and boost morale, the tr…

The best advice I’ve received on marketing myself as a luxury agent

When you deal with the most selective, discerning clientele in the world, first impressions matter. So do lasting relationships. Luxury real estate agents have to cultivate both through promoting a personal brand and showcasing exclusive services.

‘Hey, Google. Find me a real estate agent.’

True or false: top producers do the most business, and therefore have the most clients and the most referrals, so they get Googled the most and they also have the most reviews. At Homesnap, our assumption last year was that the above statement was true.

Leading in your community is good for business

“What would you like to do, how would you like to volunteer, what commitment do you like to give?” asks Sotheby’s International Realty agent Patrick O’Connor, whose practice is based out of Naples, Florida. “As a REALTOR®, you need to give back.”

Tech still needs YOU: A case study in 50% sales volume growth

Inventory is key to a healthy housing market, and for some time this has been a real pain point for brokers and agents across the country. Seller lead generation can get expensive, and with a 1-3% conversion rate for most services.

When your tenants have tenants

In our soon to be published Market Views report, CrowdStreet turns an analytical eye on the commercial real estate industry. What are some of the biggest trends? What does the future hold? And how are different types of commercial real estate faring?

Using tech to build a business the old-fashioned way

There’s no denying that the investment in technology within the real estate industry has been growing year over year. In 2017, investment in real estate tech companies was $12 billion — 400 times more than the investment in 2010 — and the figure is sure to increase in the coming years.

‘The smartest tech choice I made this year.’

From all-in-one platforms to predictive analytics, a new study shows the diversity of technology usage across brokerages of all sizes. As disruptive technology floods the marketplace, it’s easy to be lured by the promise of the latest “shiny toy.”

No more excuses! Market yourself online now.

Somewhere in the midst of all the real estate conferences, webinars, and podcasts, we’ve scared some real estate agents into believing that marketing yourself digitally is more difficult than piloting a space shuttle.