What to look for when you’re choosing a brokerage

One of the biggest decisions agents make in their career is deciding which brokerage to join. As Chief Operating Officer and Team Leader, respectively, our backgrounds saw us running successful independent brokerages and outselling the competition.

The digital tools two top producers trust

As real estate professionals in the ultra-competitive Austin, Texas market, we know a strong online presence is critical today. But no matter how ubiquitous digital solutions become, we can never forget that this is a relationship-based industry.

How to introduce AR into the buying and selling experience

Have you ever heard a buyer complain about the wall color in your listing or wonder if the living room could accommodate their furniture? How many times have you had a listing that desperately needed staging, but lacked the time or budget to get the job done? It would be fantastic if every buyer had […]

How to transform your client relationships with a CRM tool

In luxury real estate, customer relationships are everything — so it’s no surprise that many leading companies are implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems. If you’re considering adding CRM to your mix, here are five things to know.

How you know you’ve found a winning team

I spent my first three years in real estate at a small, boutique agency. But when Sotheby’s International Realty came to the Louisville market, I immediately knew that was where I wanted to be.

Success secrets of a winning team

When I founded my own real estate firm, I knew it was essential to keep my team at the forefront of the market. Ensuring my agents are supported is my primary goal as a broker, and the process of running a firm as a cohesive unit has broadened my under…

The top qualities a luxury customer looks for in an agent

The affluent homebuyer is a discerning one. After all, when they’re well-acquainted with the best of everything, it’s no surprise that their standards are high when it comes to service.

Two minutes of coaching that can mean everything to your 2019

I’m going to make this short and to the point. Whether you’re reading this in late December or early January, we’re in the midst of a new beginning. A fresh start.

What the luxury customer will demand in 2019

We’re counting down the days to the new year — and the luxury real estate customer is no exception. All across the market, exciting opportunities are emerging to acquire one-of-a-kind properties.

Update your scripts for the changing market in 2019

In a changing market, skills matter more than ever. Your negotiation and sales skills take on added importance, and the “old market” stuff won’t cut it anymore. If you’re still using those old scripts, there’s a good chance you’re setting unrealistic expectations for your sellers and setting yourself up for failure.