Trending interior designs in 3 different markets

All great designs start somewhere. Tastes that seem universal across global luxury markets are inevitably inspired by unique, trendy micro markets. So what types of interior decoration should you be paying attention to as you advise your clients and pr…

When is selling a furnished home in your clients’ best interest?

There’s an undeniable appeal to walking into a home that is staged and styled to a high standard — especially when that home is on the market. For many buyers, the perfect home can be augmented by beautiful furnishings. And for sellers, having a fully furnished home on the market can be a best-case scenario for achieving a faster sale.

The tech tools agents should have on hand to succeed

Luxury real estate buyers expect best-in-class technology in their homes. But do they expect it from the agents and firms they work with? The short answer is: yes. Agents are under pressure to maintain a nuanced understanding of their needs and prefere…

5 lessons real estate agents can learn from luxury hotels

Stand in the foyer of any luxury hotel, and you’ll feel it: the assurance that while you may not be at home, you’ve certainly arrived. The best hotels are a place to rest and to indulge, to be surprised and delighted.

3 takeaways from the latest trends in home goods and brands

It’s been a while since luxury was synonymous with excess. Today, what matters most to high-end consumers is that their purchases have a larger positive impact on the world and provide a meaningful personal experience. Brands are looking beyond mere material opulence.

3 tips to create email marketing your clients will actually read

Email is a staple of office productivity and one of the easiest ways for real estate agents to engage their spheres of influence. But it’s just as easy to alienate clients and teams with marketing emails that miss the mark and fail to deliver value in exchange for your readers’ time.

The 4 industry conferences top producers never miss

With busy schedules and set budgets, it can be challenging for agents to choose which annual conferences to attend from among the myriad options available. Which gatherings will yield the most useful learnings and the best opportunities to connect with…

Beyond leads: What are other metrics of real estate marketing success?

When it comes to spreading a message in the luxury real estate space, agents are often covering familiar ground. They treasure each and every existing client and spend time and resources nurturing those relationships — yet bringing in new leads is what truly keeps businesses alive.

You’ve landed an exclusive off-market listing. Now what?

As someone who enjoys a challenge, there’s nothing more invigorating for me than handling a one-of-a-kind, off-market sale. They’re not easy; and because of their exclusive nature, they won’t necessarily help you build your CV.

How to sell the most ‘luxury’ home in the neighborhood

It can be lonely at the top. But in the world of luxury real estate, it’s not uncommon for there to be a single home that stands apart from its peers, whether in the finish of its interiors, the character of its architecture, or the quality of its views and vantage points.