Connect The ICSF Speakers: John Cary on designing for the greater good

Why doesn’t design as a practice and architecture in particular accommodate a number of viewpoints? What can be done to help create spaces — both community spaces and homes — that give every member of the family (and of society) a feeling of belonging? Cary will explain how design is deeply connected to dignity during his keynote speech.

Connect The ICSF Speakers: Pixar’s Matthew Luhn on leadership lessons from stories

When Toy Story was released in theaters in 1995, it proved two things that changed the course of children’s cinema for the next 20 years and beyond: first, that it’s possible to create a feature-length film using entirely digital animation; and second, that crafting deeply resonant stories about jealousy, loss and other coming-of-age issues is central to making films that are memorable well beyond their technological achievements.

Letters from: real estate broker Lori Muller

Welcome to “Letters from,” a column that examines the intimate thoughts of members of the real estate industry. This week’s subject is Lori Muller who’s role is real estate broker, trainer, speaker, mom, entrepreneur at heart and gardener …

Simon Henry, co-CEO of Juwai, to speak at Luxury Connect

Inman, the leader in independent real estate and technology news and events, is pleased to announce Simon Henry as a speaker for the highly anticipated Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills, California, Oct. 21-22. Simon Henry is co-CEO of — named the “most influential international property site in China – 2014” by the country’s peak e-commerce body …

3 questions with ICSF speaker David Kramer

David Kramer is a consistently top-producing agent; his $185 million-plus sales in 2011 landed him the accolades of the No. 1 sales agent at Hilton & Hyland that year. His expertise and talent have made him a recognized leader in the real estate industry …

The aesthetics of real estate

Real Estate Connect speaker profile: Krisstina Wiseread more