Luxury Connect: Diane Ramirez on what it takes to advise luxury clients about wealth

“Wealthy clients aren’t buying their one and only home,” notes Diane Ramirez, a luxury real estate pro in New York. “Sometimes it’s the fifth or sixth.”

Connect the Sessions: Mark Slade on ‘Demand Gen 3 Ways’

The nice thing about being a real estate agent is having the option to market however you want. And Mark Slade, a top agent in Maplewood, New Jersey, does a little bit of everything. He’ll be one of three panelists sharing their secrets onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco.

Connect the Sessions: Karin Carr on ‘Demand Gen 3 Ways’

Karin Carr, an agent in Savannah, Georgia, has moved markets twice in the past two years and in doing so, she built a demand generation machine that’s entirely digital. She’ll be discussing how she did it in a session exploring three different styles of demand generation for real estate with two other experts.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Jason Pantana solves your marketing problems

How do you identify the lead-generation system that is part and parcel of your marketing strategy? Coach Jason Pantana is going to have answers at ICSF.

Join Ben Kinney for ‘Zero to a Thousand’ before ICSF

This event is perfect for agents, team owners, brokers and staff who would like learn how to move from having a job to owning a business. Learn how to generate the leads, listings and leverage that an agent would need to build a profitable real estate …

Connect The ICSF Speakers: Matthew Luhn added to CMO Connect

On Tuesday, July 17th at CMO Connect, Matthew will discuss the five steps to crafting a great story and will then lead attendees in an interactive workshop where they will be able to will dig into their own brand and learn how to use the elements of great storytelling to inspire and influence their target audiences.

Connect the Sessions: Let’s Get Physical – Agent Safety Interactive Session

Jimmy Choi and Joseph Bautista, founders of My Occupational Defense, know something about dangerous jobs. This is a topic especially pertinent to real estate agents, and Choi and Bautista will take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco for an intera…

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Overcoming marketing delusions with Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman, Chief Aggravation Officer at Type A Group, thinks that there is a gap between how marketers think and how consumers behave. Hoffman is going to conduct a “reality check on what we’ve been told about advertising and marketing for the past 10 to 15 years” on stage at Inman Connect San Francisco

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Inspiration and motivation in the General Sessions

The general sessions at Inman Connect San Francisco are designed to pique your interests and provoke your thoughts, featuring executives and experts who’ve built thriving businesses outside of real estate in addition to the biggest names in the industry, live on stage to share what they’ve learned.

Connect the ICSF Speakers: Crystal Florida on agent investing strategies

Crystal Florida has her eye on the long game and wants to build a legacy, so she’s taken her real estate career even further by investing in real estate. She’ll be discussing how she’s building her nest egg at a special panel about investing strategies for agents, happening only at Inman Connect San Francisco.