Boomerang buyers: Recovery or bubble repeat?

The housing story of Joann and Oscar Flores over the past 13 years is one of a rollercoaster relationship with homeownership — closely shadowing the ups and downs of the US real estate market during the same period …

Now’s the time to pounce on shadow buyers, cheap leads

Year-end is a great time to determine what strategies worked, what tech and apps you need to upgrade, and what changes you would like to make in your business for 2015. It’s also important to identify what parts of your business increased your profitability, as well as any money wasters that need to be dropped …

Experienced agents needed on both sides of a distressed property transaction

A complaint I often hear since the housing downturn is how difficult some REO brokers are to deal with. They are unresponsive, unhelpful, uncommunicative and difficult to transact business with. I’ll be the first to agree that some REO agents …

First-time homebuyer inventory is still underwater

Homes that are affordable to first-time homebuyers are more likely to be underwater than homes in higher price ranges, exacerbating inventory shortages in many markets because their owners are unwilling or unable to pull off a short sale or bring …

When using 1 photo in the MLS may be in the client’s best interest

I may be wrong about this, but there are some times when having just one photo in the MLS listing may actually be in the client’s best interest.

I saw a house almost three months ago that had just come on the market. My relocating client from Maryland was very interested because the solo photo — of the front — was very attractive and the home was in an area that she liked. The home was a traditional sale, not a short sale or REO, and there no red flags in the MLS, other than having only one photo …

Good news for California homeowners facing short sales

Under regular tax rules, when a lender forgives a debt — that is, relieves the borrower from having to pay it back — the amount of the debt is taxable income to the borrower. A homeowner who has $100,000 in …

Strategic mortgage default not the panacea it seems

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Counseling keeping homeowners in their homes

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Get over your real estate trauma

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3 tips for leaving an underwater home behind

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