How to help your buyers win in a competitive market

Although receiving multiple offers can be a positive opportunity for sellers, it can be daunting for buyers, especially considering the best offer isn’t always the one with the highest price. Here are three tips to help clients compete in today’s ultra…

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The automation of marketing allows agents to stop wasting time and effort on mundane tasks and focus their attention on the customer experience instead. Here’s how to go about it.

NAR’s proposed ethics changes miss the mark

If the intent of the Code of Ethics is to hold real estate professionals to a higher standard, the proposed addition fails to achieve that. Here’s why — plus what could be done.

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In today’s shifting landscape, a lot of agents are coming and going — joining and exiting teams. So, what can leaders do to create an atmosphere of support and growth?

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For broker, coach and trainer Lee Davenport, experiencing microaggressions over years of working in real estate did more than just sting. Here, she shares her story — and what she hopes readers can learn from it.

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To expand your team in this tight market, consider these tips on recruiting new team members who will be valuable contributors.  

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Some leaders simply don’t understand why anyone would want the job of being their assistant. But getting a solid assistant and growing your business all depends on your mindset.

Educate yourself before reacting to Code of Ethics changes!

NAR proposed changes to the Code of Ethics, and the real estate community is reacting — or more precisely, descending into an uproar. Here’s why industry professionals should take some time to closely read and examine these changes.

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