6 to-do’s all sellers need to check off before listing

Gone are the days of throwing a home on the market and seeing what happens. Prepping a home for sale is a highly choreographed dance of repair along with presentation. Here’s where homeowners should get started.

Improvement vs. maintenance: How to explain the difference

Homeowners looking to sell often seem confused over what constitutes an improvement versus deferred maintenance. Here’s a handy list that’ll help your clients distinguish between basic maintenance and genuine home improvements.

Location, location, location! 7 creative ways to offset imperfect locale

Not all properties can have that defining quality of being in a prime location. But there are ways to be honest and creative in marketing these kinds of places. A prime driver behind this approach is understanding what’s important in buyers’ hierarchy …

How to succeed at recruiting

If you sell a lot of properties, it is proof the leads you developed, and the training you employ, are working.

Sellers: Don’t even think about listing till you answer these 10 questions

There are a ton of issues sellers need to consider before sticking that for-sale sign in the yard. As agents, if you get a lot of calls from wannabe sellers looking to simply plop their house on the market, here are 10 questions (with answers) that you…

A survival guide for sellers living in a fully staged home

Living in a fully staged house that must be ready on command for a showing is perhaps the least attractive part of the selling process. If you find your sellers are struggling to cope with living in a home that’s staged and actively being shown, heed these survival tips.

Sellers as clueless as buyers when it comes to transaction process

According to a survey of 1,000 homeowners commissioned by SOLD.com, approximately half of owners aren’t aware of the homeselling options other than hiring a traditional agent or representing themselves as a for-sale-by-owner.

5 tips to get your sellers ready in a buyer’s market

Many buyers who retreated to the sidelines in the past couple of years have returned to the market, knowing that their dollar will go further. And they’re right — sellers and their agents need a strategy to get each property sold. Here are a few tips.

Bigger, better, faster: 6 tips to speed up sales and boost value

Selling a home is all about knowing your product. Do these six things to make a home more appealing to buyers and to sell that home faster.

6 reasons the home won’t sell (besides price)

It never hurts to tip the scales in your sellers’ favor, increase their bottom line and potentially expedite the home sale timeline …