A survival guide for sellers living in a fully staged home

Living in a fully staged house that must be ready on command for a showing is perhaps the least attractive part of the selling process. If you find your sellers are struggling to cope with living in a home that’s staged and actively being shown, heed these survival tips.

50 blog post ideas that’ll attract homesellers

The best way to attract seller leads is to create quality information that will help them and position you as the local expert. Here are 50 blog post ideas aimed at attracting sellers. You only need to write them once, but you can repurpose them throug…

10 steps for creating a smooth ‘sale’ for your sellers

Many sellers have not sold a home in a while, if ever, and the process is a bit different today than it was a decade ago. We use these 10 steps to put our sellers at ease in what could be a very stressful transaction.

Bidding wars drop to lowest level in 8 years

Bidding wars for homes have dropped to their lowest level in eight years, according to Redfin, but competition still remains strong in the nation’s hottest markets.

10 things sellers should never say to their listing agents

Sellers want to give their input to their listing agent on how showings should be handled as well as pricing, managing other agents, offers, negotiations and what they will and will not repair. But here’s where they all too often shoot themselves in th…

21 signs it’s time to fire that annoying client

When times are tough, or you need the money, it may be tempting to lower your standards to work with a client whose way of approaching their transaction is clearly out of alignment with your personal integrity. More often than not, this choice results …

What Today’s Sellers Want

The following information is provided by the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD). NAR has been administering its annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey since 1981. The survey has grown from 59 to 131 questions, and gives us great insight into the trends, wants and needs associated with the most significant financial decision of […]

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Should your real estate client agree to a bump clause?

A bump clause allows sellers to enter into a contract with a buyer who has a home-sale contingency, and “bump” them if they find a better offer. Is it a win-win?

Bigger, better, faster: 6 tips to speed up sales and boost value

Selling a home is all about knowing your product. Do these six things to make a home more appealing to buyers and to sell that home faster.

11 reasons for sale by owner is a terrible idea

Frank, a smart and tech-savvy Denver homeowner, thought he’d skip the agent commission and sell his house himself. He researched his home’s property value, found a buyer and got the house under contract. It seemed like a done deal.