How to avoid 7 contingency issues that can derail your deal

Here are some of the most common contingency issues plus the workarounds to help you sail through the problems without derailing the transaction.

Closing emergency! 6 last-minute snags and how to solve them

Whether it’s because of a lender who over-promised and under-delivered, a buyer who dropped the ball or an agent who failed to communicate timely details — problems occur when you’re down to the wire. Here’s how to fix last-minute closing issues fast.

8 questions agents should expect at every listing appointment

It is often a poker game of sorts; how much information should the agent share and in what way? Is the seller just picking their brain or truly serious about needing the agent’s help? Who else may the seller be interviewing?

Special Report: The art of handling objections in real estate

“Why should I pay that commission?” “I was hoping to sell my house for more.” “We want to go FSBO.” Agents may find themselves knocking down these statements like devilish pop-ups in an intense game of Whac-A-Mole. Objections are a part of any sales pr…

Podcast: How to get your clients to stop stalling and take action

This week, we are pleased to welcome Cleve Gaddis, the managing partner and broker of Gaddis Partners Re/Max Center in Atlanta. Gaddis’s team is one of the top 10 producing teams in Georgia …

Agent/broker perspective: Firing a seller

The situation: A successful and experienced Miami agent has had it with a difficult seller and wants to part ways, but the broker would like the agent to stick it out and make it work …

4 quick tips for marketing and selling a home in a hurry

Sometimes a homeseller needs to move fast. It happens. All sorts of extenuating circumstances can prompt a hasty departure, but whatever the reason, the goal remains the same: a quick sale …

Podcast: Cutting through the lies we tell ourselves (part 1)

You’ve heard us say it on the podcast over and over. Our definition of long-term, ever-increasing success is: doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it — at the highest level …

5 simple tips for home showing safety

“Get out as fast as you can,” are your thoughts as panic washes over you. You hear the eerie sounds of a door shuffling on its hinges. You look back to see only shadows but no movement. You frantically fumble through your pockets in search for your key…

Should I rent or should I buy?

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates breaks down the value of buying versus renting a property, factoring in market conditions like interest rates, sale prices, personal investment and more.