Protect your commission! Here’s how to defend every well-deserved penny

When it comes to the general public, many don’t believe agents work hard enough for the money they charge. Here’s how to convey your true worth to clients — and counter their requests to lower your commission.

6 tactical steps to drive profitability in your business

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Supreme Court will hear case on Federal Housing Finance Agency

The United States Supreme Court, which begins its next session in October, will determine if the structure of the Federal Housing Finance Agency is constitutional.

New York City apartments reach highest vacancy rates in 14 years

The apartment vacancy rate in Manhattan skyrocketed to 3.67 percent in June — the highest rate reached since Douglas Elliman began tracking this data.

Homes continue to sell at fastest pace in 2 years

Sellers continue to be at an advantage in July, with homes leaving the market at their most rapid pace since Zillow began analyzing this data in 2018.

Bidding wars intensify nationwide as mortgage rates hit new low

Boston saw the highest frequency of bidding wars, with 72.4 percent of offers facing competition, according to a Redfin survey released Friday.

East Coast markets most vulnerable to economic impacts of COVID-19

Markets on the East Coast and in Northern Illinois were most vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic during the second quarter.

The Real Word: HAR sets the record straight

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EyeSpy360 is the virtual tour platform you don’t know you’re already using

EyeSpy360 is a powerful touring app already behind virtual showings for eXp and RE/MAX, and it has experienced 1,000 percent growth in just over one month.