Can the right mortgage management software save lenders money?

At a time when all lenders are facing rising per-loan costs, increased regulatory pressure and tighter investor guidelines, many lenders are looking to lower origination costs and improve their profit margins, and one software provider says its mortgag…

9 questions brokerages should ask before hiring a marketing agency

Marketing your brokerage online and driving converting traffic to your website is no easy task. With all the metrics to measure success being out there, at which ones do you look? Have you set up goals correctly? Do you have a succinct content marketin…

What’s the payoff for real estate coaching?

In an industry where brokerages often leave agents to fend for themselves, many agents say they hire coaches to provide personal accountability and moral support. But the survey shows others view the real estate world’s “personal trainers” as hucksters …

Special report: How to deliver technology agents need

Money is pouring into real estate technology, and the sheer number of products available to agents has risen exponentially in recent years. In that environment, what agents want from brokers, tech companies and associations is help choosing and using t…

‘Coming soon’ listings are a lot of fuss about nothing

Ever since Zillow came out with its “coming soon” listings section of its homes-for-sale database, people have been debating whether the listings are worthwhile and beneficial, or simply a marketing ploy …

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Understanding the language of numbers

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Understanding the language of numbers

Don’t let analytics get lost in translationread more