Where Jay Thompson’s right about iBuyers plus my 2 cents

This post was written by Rob Hahn first as a hearty “Welcome Back, Kotter” moment to Jay Thompson and second as a warning against misreading Thompson’s last article as a too-comfortable, nothing-will-change lullaby of pretty lies.

Why nobody should be surprised by Zillow’s latest moves

Rob Hahn responds to Zillow’s recent news: acquiring a mortgage lender, Zillow Offers, getting a brokerage license in Arizona and entering the rental space.

Real estate’s wake-up call: It’s about consumers, not agents

Real estate technology should not be focused on the relationship between tech and the agent, but rather the consumer experience during the real estate transaction. When will tech companies, and the real estate industry as a whole, understand this?

IBuyers as a service: How OfferDepot could do instant offers right

A Keller Williams team in Phoenix recently launched OfferDepot, an instant offer program. This is the first move from a traditional real estate company to enter the instant offer space. Rob Hahn talks through the pros and cons.

Digging deeper into Parker Principle 7: The complexities of open data

Rob Hahn digs into Parker Principle 7, a product of Inman Disconnect, and questions artificial versus natural barriers, what overly protective means, who the key players are and how open data works in practice …

ICNY 18 Data: It’s 2025 and there is no MLS. What does the world look like?

Always ready to challenge, managing partner at 7DS Associates Rob Hahn lays out a new world that may not be far off. Listen in to hear what our industry may have in store when the MLS as we know it is gone …

Can Coldwell Banker and Century 21 deliver on their new brand promises?

Can we spend a little bit of time congratulating two brands that are doing things right? Coldwell Banker and Century 21 both have scored big with their most recent moves, and it’s worth talking about them and recognizing when someone does something right in our industry …

Inside Gary Keller’s Vision Speech: The beginning of the end?

Yesterday’s post on the keynote Vision Speech by Josh Team and Gary Keller at this year’s Family Reunion generated, uh, let’s call it “a bit of passion.” The early batch of commenters took issue — and not in a civil fashion — about what I wrote based on the Inman story …

What the hell is Keller Williams doing? Lingering questions from the Vision Speech

It’s been a busy few days, and not likely to get any less busy for the foreseeable future, but I have to talk about the Keller Williams Vision Speech …

Indie Broker Summit NY 18: Redfin is real and here is why

From its ability to deliver exceptional on-demand service to its insanely efficient automated systems, Redfin has been doing things to take the real estate industry by storm — especially since it went public in December …