Zillow CEO Rich Barton dreams of a home ‘trade-in experience’

Rich Barton discussed Zillow’s “Real Estate 2.0” on CNBC this week.

Zillow President Greg Schwartz to leave company at end of year

Greg Schwartz joined Zillow in 2007, and the company will realign responsibilities under current leaders.

IBuying can be huge, even if it remains a niche industry tool

Mike DelPrete found that iBuyers’ business models differ from traditional home flippers. He also suggested iBuyers can profit from staying in their lanes.

Zillow is testing a closing services platform

Zillow is testing a “homegrown closing services” platform — including title and escrow services — in a handful of markets, an attempt to bring the company closer to offering a one-stop platform to wrap around its homebuying and selling platform Zillow Offers.

Zillow revenue continues to explode, but losses widen

The ballooning revenue and losses can be attributed to the scaling of Zillow Offers.

Inman News quiz: Think you’re on top of the week’s biggest stories?

The real estate industry threw some curveballs. Take Inman’s real estate news quiz to demonstrate how strong your talking points and cocktail banter are this week.

‘We’re not flipping’: Zillow CEO reveals impetus behind his iBuyer

“If anyone thinks Zillow is doing Zillow Offers to make money on home price appreciation, they’re wrong,” Rich Barton told the audience at Zillow’s Unlock event Monday.

Zillow to shift ‘from Google mindset to an Amazon mindset’

With iBuying, Zillow must move to a low-margin model that targets “mindbogglingly larger” market than advertising, CEO Rich Barton proclaims in new interview.

The scourge of untested novelties in real estate

Some innovations — novel or not, untested or not — change how the real estate industry works. Others fall by the wayside.

IBM sues Zillow over multiple charges of patent infringement

IBM is suing real estate tech giant Zillow over seven charges of patent infringement related to a host of computer processes that Zillow uses to run its website.