IBM sues Zillow over multiple charges of patent infringement

IBM is suing real estate tech giant Zillow over seven charges of patent infringement related to a host of computer processes that Zillow uses to run its website.

In sickness and in health: The rocky marriage of Wall Street and real estate

When real estate and Wall Street have a fling, things often go haywire. And sometimes, it can end up impacting the entire industry.

Zillow seeks $1.1B in fresh capital

The company is offering $600 million in senior notes due in 2024 and another $500 million in senior notes due in 2026, executives announced.

Zillow moves to dismiss derivative shareholder lawsuit

The real estate tech company argues in a petition for dismissal that its independent directors did not personally profit from the alleged wrongdoing.

The real estate wonderkids

At this disruptive moment in time, the fate of the real estate industry rests in the hands of a relatively new crop of real estate wonderkids. Meet the fixer, master, money man, tortoise and inventor.

The top 5 takeaways from the real estate industry’s Q2 earnings

Zillow business shifts, Wall Street’s thoughts on profitability and a slow housing market were the biggest topics over the past two weeks.

Zillow is still losing money on every home it sells – but not as much as it was 6 months ago

Zillow lost, on average, $2,916 on each home it sold in the second quarter of 2019 after interest payments, earnings data shows.

Zillow announces new iBuyer markets as revenue soars 84%

The Seattle-based real estate tech giant also reported an overall net loss of $71.9 million in the second quarter of 2019.

Zillow is the real estate industry — period

Just as Google is to search, Facebook is to social and Amazon is to e-commerce, Zillow is to real estate.

WATCH: Zillow’s Rich Barton talks to Brad Inman at ICLV

In a wide-ranging interview, Rich Barton discussed the company’s latest adjustments to its Zestimate tool, Zillow Offers and why he believes agents will never be cut out of the transaction.