At Home in Retirement: Boomers Facing a Hard Truth

Baby boomers are on the cusp of retirement, but the ability to afford their desired lifestyle is at odds with their preferences, according to a recent report by The NHP Foundation (NHPF), an affordable housing nonprofit. Of the boomers surveyed for the report, 85 percent want to be in the home they have now in […]

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Irene raises $1.3 million to buy homes from seniors and let them retire there

Startup Irene raised $1.3 million led by IA Ventures to buy homes from senior citizens, take over home maintenance costs and allow seniors to stay in those homes in retirement.

3 things real estate agents should do to retire comfortably

Do you want to retire from real estate with plenty in savings and some horizontal income streams to keep cash flowing? Anyone can do it, but many people fail to take the steps necessary to actually make it happen.

Volatile Market Threatens Retirement Real Estate

The stock market has been on a volatile patch after plunging nearly 1,600 points at the beginning of February—and, while stable now, consumers and investors are watching closely. With many public pension plans tied to stocks, the incoming retirement community is hoping for a full recovery to recoup losses. Many public pensions have already reported […]

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Many retirees are still burdened by a mortgage, study finds

Gold watches aren’t the only thing some retirees are taking with them into retirement: they’re also carrying a mortgage …

Why Pittsburgh is the best place to retire

Most workers dream of retiring to places replete with warm weather, nearby beaches and lush landscapes. But according to Bankrate’s latest study, people may want to trade in those sun-soaked dreams for a place known for bone-chilling winters, rowdy NFL fans and world-famous sandwiches stuffed to the brim with french fries, coleslaw and shaved steak — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania …

The Inman Files: A fond farewell to Richard Smith, Realogy’s understated CEO

The retiring Realogy CEO is an old school throwback: a gentleman, a stoic and a gracious executive. We will miss Richard Smith’s presence in the industry. …

The Best Cities for Retirees to Call Home

Ask any retiree what mattered most in their search for a new home, and most will tell you location. A recent study by WalletHub ranked the top locations for soon-to-be retirees, weighing cost of living, health care, quality of life and recreation—and in a not-so-unexpected twist, the top three locations in the ranking were all […]

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Ego building or business building? Valuing your real estate business for retirement

A successful agent is often evaluated by others on the number of sales volume they settle — and that is not what business buyers are looking for …

How the aging US population impacts housing

As baby boomers have marched through history, they’ve changed many institutions along the way. Aging baby boomers are now changing the way we consider retirement, and the resulting impact on the housing market will be substantial …