New York broker fee ban paused amid industry lawsuit

On Monday, a judge issued a temporary restraining order for a rule that would shift the burden of paying the fees from tenants to landlords.

Tenancy-in-common housing gaining popularity in Los Angeles

Collectively owned housing is growing in popularity in Los Angeles and beyond as prices for more conventional homes remain out of reach for many buyers.

Rent control is getting more popular, but does it actually work?

New laws in California and Oregon show that rental regulations are gaining traction as a solution to rising housing costs. But economists aren’t all convinced the rules will work as intended.

Reformers at the gate: Progressives set their sights on the housing market

In cities across the country, housing advocates, civil rights groups and defenders of the homeless are chipping away at housing laws, one state at a time. Why now?

Washington’s rent-control laws hang in the balance

Affordable housing advocates are taking to the streets of Washington, D.C., this weekend in an attempt to push council members to adopt stronger rent-control laws.

Trade group and landlords divided on rent control law in California

The law exempts most apartments built within the past 15 years, and, thanks to lobbying by the California Association of Realtors, it doesn’t apply to most single-family homes.

Affordability is ‘getting worse, not better’: Report

An alarming new report says 90 percent of the new houses being built today can be purchased by just 10 percent of American households. Student debt and lack of building are a couple of factors to blame.

Los Angeles to implement strict rent controls in unincorporated areas

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is proposing to link rent hikes to the overall rate of inflation and make it more difficult to evict tenants.

California close to rent control despite Realtor opposition

California is on the verge of passing rent control, underlining a growing movement across the U.S. to provide more protection to tenants amid rising housing costs. 

Rents in the US just keep going up and up

The average rent was up 3.2 percent year-over-year in June. Last month also saw the biggest average rent increase in more than a year