California Realtors rally for Prop 5 in face of growing backlash

Prop 5 will allow homeowners to keep old property taxes when buying a new home. Critics fear essential services will bare the brunt of lost revenues.

New legislation aims to make mortgages easier for gig workers

Self-employed workers have a hard time qualifying for a mortgage. A new bill called the Self-Employed Mortgage Access Act could change that.

New Orleans landlord charged with discrimination for ‘no teenagers’ ad

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) charged the landlord with housing discrimination for a 2014 ad on Craigslist.

Should Realtor ethics violations be posted? Agents sound off

The Realtor community is split about whether or not to publicize the names of Realtors who violate the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) Realtor Code of Ethics.

Stories from the housing crash: How the industry survived and thrived

A decade ago, the housing market collapsed and Wall Street sputtered. It was the beginning of a decade of deep anxiety that still lingers today.

Court declares anti-homeless ordinances ‘cruel and unusual’

The ruling could impact cities across the western U.S. at a time when homes are becoming increasingly unaffordable and more and more people end up homeless.

Realogy and PHH agree to pay $17M over alleged kickbacks

Realogy and PHH Corp. will pay $17 million as part of a class-action suit in which they were accused of providing kickbacks to title providers.

DC attorney general warns Realtors of rise in online listing scammers

Karl Racine, Washington, D.C.’s first elected attorney general, addressed attendees at the National Association of Realtors’ new iOi Summit, a tech conference.

Court rules landlords are liable for tenant-on-tenant discrimination

A judge reinstated a Fair Housing Act lawsuit against Glen St. Andrew Living Community for failing to protect a lesbian tenant from harassment by tenants.

Super Bowl champ Mychal Kendricks charged with insider trading over Move acquisition tip

An NFL linebacker allegedly made $279,000 off of News Corp’s acquisition of Move Inc., the company that operates for the National Association of Realtors.