Introducing the Inman Luxury Network

This fall, we’re launching the Inman Luxury Network, an interactive directory of the best and brightest agents in luxury real estate.

WATCH: Referrals vs. lead gen — which is best?

What’s better — buying leads or focusing on your sphere? Kendyl Young of Diggs Real Estate, Barbara Betts of The Betts Realty Group and Dan Sundberg of Kendrick Realty tackle this topic onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco.

3 ways to grow your client base as a newbie agent

New agents are always wondering how to grow their client database. Well, most growth comes from a solid reputation and word of mouth. That said, there are a few tricks new agents can implement to start growing their database as they learn the ropes.

Secrets to building powerful, referral-generating relationships

In an age of buying online leads, communicating with clients through texts or occasionally commenting on a past client’s Facebook post to keep in touch, we’re in danger of losing the real, emotional connections so vital to building and maintaining relationships.

SetSchedule RE Data & Practice Management

SetSchedule delivers the right opportunities, appointments, and valuable insights to close the deal.

The secret to lead generation this summer is consistency

Summer might be a time of fun and sun, but your business never goes on vacation. Even if you’re a solo operation, your business should stay in motion whether you’re out of the office for a few days — or a few weeks.

Monica Breckenridge’s Pink Realty takes franchise model nationwide

Since the beginning of the year, Pink Realty has opened two franchises in Georgia — in Atlanta and Augusta — and a third in Southern Colorado, where she controls a personal portfolio of approximately 100 properties in Colorado Springs.

Dear real estate agents: Here’s the difference between relationships and leads

Something funny has been happening around the office, and maybe you’ve noticed it at your office as well. We’ll get a call from an agent who says his or her client is only available to see a listing at a certain time — say, 11:00 a.m the next day. A few minutes go by, and we get the same call from another agent whose client also wants to see the property at 11:00 a.m., and guess what — they aren’t available at any other time. Maybe you already know where I’m going with this …

3 tips for succeeding as a millennial real estate agent

Although millennials often get a bad rap for being “lazy” and “entitled,” they can break through these stereotypes and run a lucrative business …

6 tips for nailing the post-close follow-up

A real estate agent’s job doesn’t end after the sale. Because referrals are so crucial to meeting new clients and expanding your base, a sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between agent and client …