A simple 5-step system for generating referrals

All real estate agents want to get more referrals, but asking clients for referrals isn’t always easy. Stacey Brown Randall has a solution to this problem. She created a complete five-step system for generating referrals without asking for them.

4 steps to getting all the clients you’ll ever need

Let’s be honest, there is no tech solution that’s going to ensure you have clients forever, but you can refine a tool in your arsenal that will. Find out how here.

Trying to build an online presence? Start here

With 42 percent of buyers finding their agents by referral, you should focus on the easiest way to get referrals — content marketing. Here’s how to get started and keep it consistent.

3 things you must know about every client you work with

Here are a few questions, not for you to ask your clients directly, but for you to figure out by going deeper with them. Consistent application of these questions will help your business thrive.

5 ways to keep your buyers happy long after the sale

If you want buyer clients to remember you for years to come and refer you to the people in their lives, show them how much you appreciate their business by making their lives easier. Here’s how.

Introducing The 2018 Inman Luxury Referral Network

Introducing an interactive directory of the best and brightest agents in luxury real estate, specifically designed to connect you to other top-producing agents and generate more referrals for your business.

Introducing the Inman Luxury Network

This fall, we’re launching the Inman Luxury Network, an interactive directory of the best and brightest agents in luxury real estate.

WATCH: Referrals vs. lead gen — which is best?

What’s better — buying leads or focusing on your sphere? Kendyl Young of Diggs Real Estate, Barbara Betts of The Betts Realty Group and Dan Sundberg of Kendrick Realty tackle this topic onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco.

3 ways to grow your client base as a newbie agent

New agents are always wondering how to grow their client database. Well, most growth comes from a solid reputation and word of mouth. That said, there are a few tricks new agents can implement to start growing their database as they learn the ropes.

Secrets to building powerful, referral-generating relationships

In an age of buying online leads, communicating with clients through texts or occasionally commenting on a past client’s Facebook post to keep in touch, we’re in danger of losing the real, emotional connections so vital to building and maintaining relationships.